Every Friday I pick the best representation of each Hip-Hop Element-MC,DJ,BREAKING,GRAFFITI-from the past week.Knowledge is to some including me the 5th Element.




JonWayne f/ Oliver The 2nd-The Desert-Prod. by JonWayne

Annie Mac sais:

Our final Free Music Monday North American Takeover is from the amazing Stone’s Throw Record’s MC/rapper Jonwayne. Fresh out of high school, Jonwayne emerged alongside the new generation of Hip Hop beat-makers: Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing and Daedelus at the Los Angeles club Low End Theory. First, he kicked up a stir producing homemade mix tapes before he caught the attention of Stone’s Throw and was signed to record an album as an MC. This exclusive track has a 90s vibe with a verse from Oliver the 2nd and we are SO excited to share it with you!



J. Rocc-Boiler Room London-DJ Set

The world famous Beat Junkie live from the original Boiler Room HQ.



Bboy Sunni (Soul Mavericks)-Floor Wars 2014 w/ ProDanceTV

Pro Dance explains Floor Wars:

The battle is arranged by the “Great 8″-principle: Eight crews from all over the world are invited as the Great 8 crews who will be challenged by eight crews, that will be selected in a qualification prior to the main battle. Thus, any crew has the opportunity to enter the competition.
Our aim is to inspire both newbies and professionals of the break dance scene, and to provide a forum for networking and exchanging of ideas and experiences. Not only do we want to present some of the best b-boys, we also want to present new talents from the underground and dancers, that challenge the existing norms in b-boying
As the name of the event indicates, the show is being held on the floor “arena-style” in order to preserve the intimacy and intensity of the battle. In adddition to the main battle, there are also smaller side-battles going on, such as a popping battle and a toprock battle.
Floor Wars is arranged by Breakpoint, a hip-hop community formed to practice and develop the dance forms of hip-hop: Breaking, Electric Boogie and Locking.
Breakpoint is a forum for inspiration and communication involving different cultures with hip-hop as the shared outlook. Breakpoint range from some of Denmarks best dancers to absolute beginners. We do shows, arrange jams and offer dance-lessons.



Awfset Collective-Re:Create SXSW 2014 w/ Ironlak & TPY-Urban

Stew, Werds, French, Shave89, and Skunk of the Awfset Collective paint at Castle Hill in Austin, TX for ‘Re:Create’ during SXSW 2014. Sponsored by Ironlak and TPY-Urban, formerly The Paint Yard.




In the past week CBS aired a piece on Graffiti on their Sunday Morning News program. Their interest being how something that came from the streets , has now made it’s way into high end art gallery’s , and sometimes selling for high six figures.

Futura 2000 , Daze , Lady Pink-Graffiti (Art or Vandalism ?) w/ CBS Sunday Morning News

When people hear the word graffiti, many no doubt think of vandalism, but these days a growing number of enthusiasts are calling it art. Rita Braver tours a N.Y. museum exhibit of graffiti, some of which is worth upwards of $100,000.


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RetroHash , April 22

From the upcoming album Silk Pyramids, by Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild on Thrice Great Records. In stores everywhere 5-27-14.

From the ‘All Eyes On Reks’ mixtape available here: http://djbooth.it/eyesreks

The new album ‘Eyes Watching God’ is coming soon!


Lyrics and Vocals by:

Side Effect
Kane Mayfield
Mic Stewart
Reef the Lost Cauze
Von Pea
Burke the Jurke
Ceeknowledge the Doodlebug
Open Mike Eagle
Rich Quick

Produced by Haj of Dumhi
Cuts by DJ Soulbuck


This is off of DJ Premier’s new collab w/ Serato for an exclusive 12″ picture disc.You can get that here and supplies are limited Preem w/ Serato

Listen to the beat snippets from the project below , and of course the Lady Of Rage track at the bottom.

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From the upcoming album “Dark Comedy,” available June 10th from Mello Music Group.

One famous Oscar Wilde aphorism claimed: “if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise, they’ll kill you.” Open Mike Eagle lacks the capacity to tell anything but the truth. In a nation that prizes self-aggrandizing buffoons and artful liars, morbid humor might be the sanest response—a tourniquet to stop the toxicity from spreading.
To read the rest of the story you can go here Mello Music

50 has recently said that getting away from Interscope has now allowed him to not have to wait to release new music.Being away from the multiple channels you have to go through on a major to just get one track released is over.50 has released more music in the past month than in the past couple years and continues it here.

Animal Ambition is out 6/3

Late last year bags were packed and roads were hit in search of steel.

Watch the result as the bad food, beer and good times flow.

You Can See Some Still Photos From the Trip Here http://ironlak.com/2014/04/yard-master-usa-road-trip-video/

GuerillaPress presents: New music video from Killah Priest’s “Psychic World of Walter Reed” album.

Buy “The Psychic World of Walter Reed”: http://amzn.to/PODo4O