Photo Credit: Hugh Burckhardt

Photo Credit:
Hugh Burckhardt

Jeffrey Gamblero wka KORN from Smart Crew will be missed.


Every Friday I pick the best representation of each Hip-Hop Element-MC,DJ,BREAKING,GRAFFITI-from the past week.Knowledge is to some including me the 5th Element.




Cormega f/ AZ , Redman & Styles P-MARS (Dream Team)-Prod. by Large Pro *UNRELEASED Version

The alternate appeared on Cormega’s “Mega Philosophy” LP that was produced entirely by Large Professor.



Dope Folks Records Presents : Kid Millions-Philly Rap (Pt.1)-Mix

If you know Dope Folks then you know they specialize in unearthing and pressing on vinyl long forgotten Hip-Hop projects. This mix focuses on throw back Philly joints.

Kid Millions sais:

Here’s the 4th installment of my regional Rap mixes. This month we travel to Philadelphia, PA!

1. Poison Ladd S.L.R. – Life is a Nike Commercial
2. Larry Larr – it’s the L
3. Plush Bros. – Stop Frontin
4. Tyree – Lost Generation
5. Ebony Broadcast System – 2 Stepz Behind
(buy at
6. Militant Minister – Etched In Stone
7. Legion Of Doom – Puttin My Thang Down
8. Three The Hard Way – Ya’ll Don’t Stop
9. C.E.B. – Get The Point
10. Lord Aaqil – Check It Out
11. Big E. Smallz & Ant Live – Sure Shot
12. M.C. Prelitique & Sweet – We Got The Right To Front
13. Rock Hard Delegation – Just For The Audience
14. Ruggedness & Madddrama – Me & my Squad
15. Big Tabb – Raw Dawg
16. Trauma Center – Rugged Land
17. Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad – Flip’n Keeloz
18. The Rickochet Mobb – Gotta Have Money
19. Too Fresh – Too Fresh Is Taking Over



Incredible Syndicate vs. Pockemon Crew-Ready 2 Rumble 2014 w/ Bboyworld




KISS w/ HELL & GOUGE-Merry Christmas


music: standish/carlyon – nono/yoyo




This week I chose this interview with Henry Chalfant on The All Out Show with Rude Jude & Lord Sear. He talks the Blu-Ray release of Style Wars , and raising $30,000 dollars in order to restore the outtakes and extras due to the original film breaking down and fading.

For everything Style Wars


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30th sais:

December 20th is an important date in the history of video games. 22 years ago to the day, Streets of Rage 2 was first unleashed on the Western world by Sega. It was in just about every 12 year old kid’s Christmas present stash that year, subsequently becoming one of the most popular games of the 90s.

The fact that the game is still enjoyed over 2 decades later, being played on classic gaming compilations, emulators, tablets, and mobile phones, is testament to its enduring legacy, and its endless “replayability”. This isn’t just true of Streets of Rage 2 – it’s predecessor, Streets of Rage 1 burst on the scene in the late 80s, paving the way for side-scrolling “beat em ups” for years to come. Streets of Rage 3 was an enjoyable, if flawed, addition to the series which featured some insanely hyperactive gameplay.

One of the most enduring things about this series of games are their soundtracks. The unforgettable music originally composed and produced by Yuzo Koshiro, Kyoji Kato, and Motohiro Kawashima, have long stayed in the memory, and when heard, bring back a haze of nostalgia – transporting us back to the early 90s when the world was a very different place, and our only responsibility in life was to wipe out Mr X and his enormous evil empire of street thugs, punks, ninjas, samurais, bikers, boxers, kick boxers, obese baseball players, electric whip chicks, jet pack equipped kamikaze psychos, and whatever the hell else was at his disposal!

We are massive video game fans here at 30th Floor Records, and we’re thrilled to present the ‘Synths of Rage’ compilation album for your nostalgic enjoyment. Each of the 24 producers from around the globe featured here have picked their favourite track from all 3 Streets of Rage soundtracks, reimagined it, and remoulded it to their unique style. Not every single track from the soundtracks are included here, think of it more of a selection of the best bits. We’ve presented the album in chronological order of each level of the games to give it that extra slice of nostalgia.


For links to each individual producers work go here. 30th Floor Vault

Larry Smith 6/11/51-12/18/14

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Commentary, Culture, Hip-Hop
Larry (middle) seen here with Run and DMC. 6/11/51-12/18/14

Larry (middle) seen here with Run and DMC.

From session bass player to playing bass on Kurtis Blow’s up tempo and funky “Christmas Rappin” then continuing to co-write and produce for Kurtis until meeting Russell Simmons who was managing Kurtis at the time to creating the production sound for one of the greatest groups of all time , Run DMC , debut tracks “It’s Like That” and “Sucker MC’s” along with extensive work with Whodini , Larry Smith has passed away . These sounds are credited as the turning point in a young Hip-Hop’s sound . Larry’s DMX drum machine provided the crushing kick and snapping snare of what we now call Boom Bap . He spent these last years of his life in hospice due to a stroke but even though he has now left us I’m sure he’s already slow rolling and bumping his Cadillac through the great beyond while his contributions to this thing we all love carry on forever.


Robbie from did an incredible piece on Larry. Please take the time to read it below.

View story at

One of the best producers out in my opinion talks new music on the way , Your Old Droog , production and more.


Marco also provided the beats for Sway’s Friday Fire Cypher straight off the IPhone for Los Rokas, Boogie & Yowda.

Boiler Room sais:

The Afrofuturist beat-smith goes deep with this live set from our OG London studio.


Check out Ras’ new project on Leaving Records , “Down to Earth Vol. 2″ , on Vinyl , Digital , and cassette here Stones Throw

Legendary Cope . Does a WHOLE wall.

Droog had his first appearance on Peter Rosenberg’s Real Late radio show.Dope stayed uncut.

Watch Aires and friends in Detroit tear it up with Fresh Paint, from chrome fills to streetside burners in broad daylight. Purchase the New Fresh Paint now in 60 colors at

Mass Appeal sais:

For this episode, we got up with DJ Nu-Mark, aka Uncle Nu. He picked up three records—The Rockettes, George Benson, and Charlie Mingus—and created something magical. In fact, the final result was quite puzzling, in a “How the fuck did you do that?” kind of way.

Two of Boston’s own do what they do best over some all time classic Hip-Hop beats.