Every Friday I pick the best representation of each Hip-Hop Element-MC,DJ,BREAKING,GRAFFITI-from the past week.Knowledge is to some including me the 5th Element.




Danny Spice f/ Emskee,Sadat X, Finsta & Cappo-Art Of War

Taken form the brand new Danny Spice EP “Live at the Throwdown” to be release on 12′ and digital on Crate Escape and Carry on Going 10/27/14



DJ Delta-Diggin’ For a Livin’ (V 1.0)-Mix

Delta sais:

In the early 2000’s I started This Mix of Australian Records.. And after years of more digging, and messing around with the playlist, I have finally finished ‘DIGGIN FOR A LIVIN version 1.0 – FACEMELTING AUSTRALIAN WAX’. It was damn near impossible to choose what records to use on this because Australia has some truly CRAZY music, so I’ve decided to make this the first instalment with more to come in the future. This goes out to everybody who loves vinyl.
Stay tuned for the next mixtape called “DIGGING OF THE MINDS” a collaboration between Delta and the Bronx crate Legend himself Danny Dan The Beatmann of Dusty Fingers fame.
I would love to hear from any of the artists whose records I shared..
particularly the 1972 Killkenny Primary School Band.
Props to Hams for the incredible artwork!



Fusion MC (Korea) vs Predatorz (Russia)-B.O.T.Y 2014 (Final) w/ Stance

Filmed In Brunswick, Germany


The End
DJ Lean Rock



Kid Acne w/ DJ Benjamin-The Birth Of Hip-Hop

DJ Benjamin on the cut

Festival Of The Mind presents Kid Acne – The Birth Of Hip – Hop.
In Collaboration with Dr. Katie Edwards’ The Word Made Fresh.

Music – ‘Universe Rap’ By Mongrels – DJ Benjamin / MC Kid Acne

Thanks to Professor Vanessa Toulmin, B&B Gallery & Sharrow Community Forum.

Shot & Edited By Tom Sykes






This week I chose this excellent article by Rob Stiles entitled

“On Shrimp Farms and Struggle Rap” (How Iggy Azalea, Bobby Shmurda, and Beyonce portend the death of the music industry) and you can read it here

On Shrimp Farms and Struggle Rap


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Dina J - Etude For Mrs. Delancre by Burlei Us on Mixcloud

DL Dropbox

Burlei Us sais:

We have never been as impressed by anyone’s musical scope and taste level as LA based, Dina Juntila. She is our source of inspiration when it comes to anything to Library, Soundtrack, Psychedelic, and so much more. That being said, we are elated to present this beautifully bent, exclusive new mix by the one and only mistress of madness, Dina J.

Chilled Experts sais:

Chilled Experts Presents Freights Crates & Mixtapes Video Series Freight Train Graffiti Documentary
In this segment we feature Jimi Hendrix’s classic Mannish Boy.

The Ink & Clog travels to Milan, Italy. Joining the infamous NuclearOne Crew on a graffiti spree.
Music by Kaos One
Special thanks to Marte, Joanna, Woit, Fosk, Mate and Panik.

Off of After All These Years , an LP that Edo successfully crowd sourced , which is out now.

Havoc-Dirt Calls-Official Video

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Havoc lets go of his newest single/video from his upcoming 13.5 LP . The track above is super heat. If you haven’t heard the first 13 LP then you should look that up after listening to this.

Erik Parker and One9’s excellent documentary “Time Is Illmatic” , out now , inspired one of the greatest Hip-Hop producers to put together this mix to celebrate it’s release.

Anytime you get new sound from Dibia$e’s 303’s and 404’s then it’s a good day.

Jake One-Seaplane-Beat Tape

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Brand new sounds from from one of the best out.

Jake sais:

A beat tape of highish music made by a guy that doesn’t get high.

Seen at okayplayer.com

1. The Throwdown
2. Never Popcorn feat Emskee
3. Code Red feat Oxygen
4. Night Stalkers feat Audessey & Mr Thing
5. Alleycat
6. Art Of War feat Emskee, Sadat X, Finsta and Cappo
7. QNC Intro
8. Do It For The DJ’s feat QNC & Mr Thing

Crate Escape sais:

http://www.crateescaperecords.com OUT NOW!

After the success of ‘The King Amongst Thieves’ and this years ‘Incredible’ featuring Ugly Ducklings Dizzy Dustin, Danny hit the crates hard and got straight back into the studio and started work on ‘Live At The Throwdown’, a tribute to a night he used to host and a classic film. He recruited some of his favourite emcees for the project including some of his past collaborators to make this his best work to date, sample and drum heavy. Emskee (Good People / Rampagers) features on the playout cut ‘Never Popcorn’, he reunites with Oxygen (Soundsci, Spox PHD) on ‘Code Red’, Audessey (Soundsci / Jack Jones) and Mr Thing on ‘Night Stalkers. He’s assembled an all star cast for the posse cut ‘Art Of War’ (Emskee, Brand Nubian’s Sadat X, Finsta and the UK’s Cappo). The EP is rounded off with QNC’s tribute ‘Do It For The DJ’s’ featuring Mr Thing

Artwork was handled by Mr Krum so you know it looks fresh. The Vinyl features 2 exclusive instrumentals not on the digital release and was mastered by Simon at The Exchange with the finished records pressed at The Vinyl Factory to ensure it sounds as dope as possible finished in heavyweight full colour and stickered sleeves.

Confidence sais:

It’s been two years since you last hear, now I reappear your heart pumps fear. No it’s not Craig Mack, it’s Confidence coming off a good hiatus to bring you another beat making video. This time Confidence has a specific message in mind. As he discusses in the video, don’t be afraid to go after something that’s already been sampled. As long as you’re not looping the same part, get creative and take pieces of sounds that you’re given to make a really strong foundation. The original producer must have had a good ear to pick out the same song that gravitated you to it, so dig deeper and find sounds that weren’t used and get to work! Also pay attention as Confidence discusses his theory as to why DJ Premier started chopping samples to begin with.

If you like what you see and hear in the video, join Confidence on 11/1/14 as he launches the fifth session of “School of Confidence” an online virtual beat school where he interacts and teaches students all over the world. Visit http://www.schoolofconfidence.com and register today.