Every Friday I pick the best representation of each Hip-Hop Element-MC,DJ,BREAKING,GRAFFITI-from the past week.Knowledge is to some including me the 5th Element.




Thruway f/ AG Da Coroner & Meyhem Lauren-Concrete Jungle-Prod. by Labor Dept

The Labor Dept came through with a mean slice of audio for Thruway and two reps from The Outdoorsmen , AG Da Coroner and Meyhem Lauren , for this street single.



Stussy w/ DJ Muro-Curtis Mayfield (Holiday 2014)-Mix

Stussy has created a Curtis Mayfield capsule collection to add to their already near 4 decade run of clothing , and to celebrate the collection they enlisted crate digging extraordinaire DJ Muro to create a mix inspired by.

The shirts below plus others are available at Stussy Chapter Stores  and their  online store as well.




Ground Zero / Flipside Kings vs. Super Cr3w-Freestyle Session 8 w/ Stance

Stance keeps it simple and sais:

One of the best battles from Freestyle Session history!




Spraying Bricks-WORD TO MOTHER

Spraying Bricks sais:

California Coming Home…

It was around ’98 when I first met Word To Mother. Lining up outside the courts of Summerfields Leisure Centre, Hastings, for basketball practice. Built like a racing snake, with shorts below the knees and socks pulled up to meet, he was the first kid I’d seen ever spin a ball on his finger. Immediately, at the time with him being my elder, I was amazed. 15 years on and still as humble as ever, Word To Mother is one of the worlds most respected artists.

Spraying Bricks flew out with London based Word To Mother, to San Francisco, in November last year for his show ‘California Coming Home’. Outside, inside, paper, glass, salvaged wood, canvas, baseball bats, skin…Word is diverse in his medium and many of his influences are from everyday life and the positive people that surround him.

Second in the SF series this is the first instalment from Word To Mother, who’s recent works from ‘Too Blessed To Be Stressed’ are currently showing at the Stolen Space Gallery in East London.

A massive thank you to Justin and the guys at White Walls Gallery for their love and hospitality.




This week I chose this interview with Afrika Bambaataa as he stopped by Sway In the Morning to talk the 41st anniversary of The ZULU Nation and more. This is true knowledge.

And as a BONUS he did a fresh mix while there


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Sleep Peaceful P the Wyse.

In English
There is “another festival,” is not just an event … It is an explosion of colors and emotions at the same time, an opportunity for contemplation beautiful seasons in a climate of awe and admiration, is the ultimate expression of the essence of Hip Hop culture! Pioneers, veterans and downstream Graffiti writers of Greece we go back to the early 80′s, under the similar sounds of the season, to teach us the secrets of the art from its inception! Data integral as MCing, the Beatboxing and Breaking become one with the hands of artists, giving generously strongly thrilled to lucky “witnesses” the revival of that time passed the golden pages of History … Enjoy some clips!

In Greek
Δεν είναι “ένα ακόμα φεστιβάλ”, δεν είναι απλά μια εκδήλωση… Είναι έκρηξη χρωμάτων και συναισθημάτων ταυτόχρονα, είναι ευκαιρία για αναπόληση όμορφων εποχών σε κλίμα δέους και θαυμασμού, είναι η απόλυτη έκφραση της ουσίας της Hip Hop κουλτούρας! Πρωτοπόροι, βετεράνοι και μεταγενέστεροι Graffiti writers της Ελλάδας μας πηγαίνουν πίσω στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 80, υπό τους ανάλογους ήχους της εποχής, για να μας διδάξουν τα μυστικά της τέχνης από την απαρχή της! Στοιχεία αναπόσπαστα όπως το MCing, το Beatboxing και το Breaking γίνονται ένα με τα χέρια των καλλιτεχνών, χαρίζοντας απλόχερα έντονα ρίγη συγκίνησης στους τυχερούς “μάρτυρες” της αναβίωσης των εποχών που περάστηκαν στις χρυσές σελίδες της ιστορίας… Απολαύστε μερικά αποσπάσματα!

Montana Colors sais:

This video documents the artistic collaboration between a celebrity from the Barcelona graffiti scene and a bar/club dedicated to creation and art in it’s full extent: the artist Ripo and the Guzzo club. The mural sponsored by the Subagora agency and completed this October, used the phrase “Congo Square” as a starting point (which in turn became the title) to this piece that is a tribute to Jazz culture and to the soul of New Orleans. The artist’s quality and the theme integrate into one urban aesthetic/graffiti style throughout the mural. The audio-visual documentary was produced by Codea Studio and the images are courtesy of Subagora.


Este video documenta es el encuentro artístico entre una celebridad de la escena graffiti barcelonesa y un bar/club dedicado a la creación y el arte en toda su amplitud: el artista Ripo y la sala Guzzo. El mural, promovido por la agencia Subagora y realizado en octubre de este año, pretende ser un homenaje a la cultura Jazz y al alma de New Orleans a través de la frase “Congo Square” que es, a su vez, el título de la obra. La calidad del artista y la temática se integran a la estética urbana y estilo de graffiti del resto de los murales. El documento audiovisual ha sido realizado por Codea Studio y las imágenes vienen por cortesía de Subagora.

More info: http://mtn-world.com

Always good to see women that are involved in the Hip-Hop culture besides picking up a mic.


Music “Higher Life” By TheGeekSquad

The full length PRhyme LP is out in December.

Run The Jewels 2. Buy it here in iTunes: http://found.ee/rtj2

Mr. Green sais:

For this episode we went out to Toronto Canada for their annual busker fest. Toronto is a nice city, the streets are clean and people are friendly but we saw a few street fights while we were there too.

First we headed to Yonge street to check out the festival. There were crazy sounds everywhere so it was tough to choose but we started with a guy named David who was playing an instrument he invented called the Tree-otica as well a guy named Mario dressed up like a tree while playing a saw. After that we filmed the violin band deVah Quartet and some fire performances. Next, we went over to Kensington market to film Khari Wendell Mcclelland while he was on a break from tour. Finally, we met up with Rich Kidd and Tre Missions and got them to spit verses for us.​”

The double disc LP featuring new music plus a “best of” from Shady Records 15 year history is out 11/24

Yes it’s new DOOM with Fly Lo , and it’s from the re-release of Grand Theft Auto V . You can also get the entire catalog of music from GTAV on Vinyl or CD starting 12/9 through Mass Appeal Records.

Find that here GTMAV

AnimalNY sais:

Even if you’re not familiar with the Shirt Kings, chances are that you’ve heard of them before in a rap lyric, or seen their work in outfits donned by the likes of LL Cool J, Jay Z, RZA and Jam Master Jay (RIP). The legendary graffiti-inspired art crew from New York pioneered early hip hop fashion. Their custom air brushed designs were the early precursors to modern day streetwear, now a $60 billion industry, and are renowned for creating one-off designs for New York personalities who would later reign as the crème de la crème of rap royalty.

Read the companion article : a.nim.al/1p2Z4KV