Redman-Run My Block-ReRelease-DJ Scoob Doo-Extended Cut

Take a journey through Newark NJ on day where degrees reached 105. Redman & Dj Scoob Doo develop an element of surprise that shocked viewers in 2008 by showing the world the first smart car, in the United States. This is another Throwback on Thursday to add to the collection. Enjoy learning some things about Newark Nj aka Brick City on a regular day in the neighborhood.

Copyright Criminals-The Costly History of Sampling-Full Film

Copyright Criminals covers a lot of ground in just under an hour, touching on outdated copyright laws, the rise of the sample clearance industry, and how sampling has revitalized past artists’ careers. One eye-opening comment the documentary points out is that it is cheaper to cover somebody’s song entirely than to take three seconds of it. (Speaking of sampling, Miho Hatori Cibo Matto saying, “James Brown… the beats are just so fat” is quite sample worthy.)