Madlib-Medicine Tour Tee *They We’re Lost But Not Anymore

madlibteeblack madlibteewhite madlibteewhitefar
Let’s call it the lost luggage sale: On December 21st, Madlib played an “end of the world” show in Denver CO, and this t-shirt was made specifically for that night – designed by Mason London, printed by Hit+Run. But en route to Denver, the airline lost the luggage. The shirts were recovered, and we’re selling them here in a one-off sale, the first sale of any kind at

Gold on BLACK / Gold on WHITE / Printed on American Apparel. Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. Payment: PAYPAL. Shipping is $3 USD to from our warehouse in Los Angeles CA. International users please add an additional $4 USD for shipping.

This sale goes only until Sunday, January 27th. All t-shirts will be shipped January 28th.

GET YOURS HERE Madlib Medicine Tour Tee


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