Player Hater Detector-Chilltown TV-Episode 3 *Cartoon

The Player Hater Detector – ChilltownTV Episode 3
G buys a “sure-fire money makin’ device” from Ebay and Plad convinces him to bring it to an ultra-VIP after-party. Meanwhile, K Deuce promises Lele he’s got the VIP hookup to get in.
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Skeeza Dwarf Tossing – ChilltownTV Episode 2
Carly Carl hires G, Marv & Plad to work at one of his special parties while K Deuce picks up former phenom Scott Storch, who now has a sex-advice show.

Chilltown Episode 1 – The Job Interview
Plad sets G up on a job interview with 80’s has-been Carly Carl. But Lightnin’ Rob might mess it up. Meanwhile, FB freak Licky Licky makes a surprise visit to K Deuce.


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