Graffiti House LA & Ink Stainz-Silver and True Blue Battle Event-Official Recap Video

Graffiti House LA and Ink Stainz put on one of the biggest events for the graff scene in 2013, gathering some of most talented writers Los Angeles has to offer. This is the official video recap of the event from the start to end – presenting Aloy with a check for $1000! A huge shout out to MTN Colors for sponsoring the event!

CalVyrus — DCV/STP
Bash — OTR/LOD
Crae — K4P
Futer — STK
Fear — DCV/UIT
Aloy — MSK/SKA
Cale — K2S
Zuco — K4P
Dersk — ICR
Ider — CH
Damet — UCA/MZK
7Dee — UCA

Judges include: Shandu LABS | Risk WCA/AWR | Dcypher CBS

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