Big Bad Baragon-Another Mans Treasures (Sextape Vol. 1)-Mixtape Review & DL

Big Bad Baragon - Another Mans Treasure (Sextape Vol.1)

I first became aware of Baragon after hearing him on the No Ideas Original radio show as a guest.I thought he was an MC who had something and after realizing his connect with Kool G Rap I knew it had to be true.G Rap aint fucking with just any ole struggle rapper.You have to have talent.Baragon does.

This his debut mixtape proves that.The tape is actually 2 EP’s in one combined to make a mixtape.It contains all new recordings for the tape,and a handful of tracks previously recorded.

One thing that I don’t like is when a new artist releases a tape and they rap over established rappers instrumentals.Baragon does that here on some tracks.I told him that I didn’t like that but that was a quick listen and he told me to listen straight through.I did and it changed my mind.I don’t mind it on this project.It adds to the overall story.Imagine that.A new artist taking the time to put together a well rounded project rather than tossing a bunch of shitty tracks on DatPiff and calling it a mixtape.

Baragon keeps you interested from the beginning because it starts with a bit of comedy with Baragon’s friend attempting to make this an R&B tape under the name Frank Lotion.Tracks like Chill With Me,BONG,Papi Balboa,and Angie are all about girls but none of them are R&B trust me.Chill With Me is for the ladies though as you’ll hear in the skit beforehand.On BONG when Baragon sais “I eat it if she bad I call it junk food…for my sweet tooth” finds Baragon letting girls who might have a man trying to tell em’ how he can do it better.But Enough of the ladies.

You get to hear Big Bad’s passion for rapping on “I Wannabe A Rapper” where he not only tells his Mom he wants to quit school because he’s “dedicated” to rapping but he also lets his church pastor know his sermon on all the rules of the Bible won’t hold him back from pursuing his dream.”Hustle” f/ NaCir Jahmill & Produced by Hex is another standout.Baragon seems to feel more comfortable on beats like this.The same thing with “8:45 In Newburgh” over the Drake 5am beat Baragon absolutely kills the 2nd and 3rd verse.You can feel the hunger to be heard.Trust me it’s that real.Also on Baragon’s flow on “Deep Cover 845 Mix” he reminds me a bit of Big Pun on the TWINZ track over the classic Dr Dre beat.The double time flow and non stop lyrical assault where Baragon sais “Don’t compare me to a gangster rapper” lets you know he’s different.When Baragon finally teams with Kool G Rap for “Gotta Win” his talent is fully realized.You have to be able to spit to be on a track with G Rap and Baragon is up for the task with a toe to toe verbal ass whip.Plus on the “Outro” I found that this may be the only mixtape where a pizza guy interrupts the recording process.

Overall this tape reminded me kind of Young MC’s debut Stone Cold Rhymin which In my opinion is one of the best debuts ever on wax.This can only mean good things for Big Bad Baragon.He has the drive,the passion,and the skill to succeed and I think he will. 4 out of 5


2) Papi Balboa
3) Call From YL
4) I Wannabe A Rapper
5) Angie
6) Romeo & Juliet
7) Call From Madi
8) So Good
9) Deep Cover (845 Mix)
10) Pink Matter
11) 845 In Newburgh
12) Call From Vicki
13) Chill With Me
14) BONG
15) Outro
16) Hustle
17) Gotta Win f/ Kool G Rap

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