J-Zone -Peter Pan Syndrome-7 Song Sampler

jzone is dope.Don't forget that.

00:00 – “Gadget Ho”
01:45 – “Molotov Cocktail”
03:27 – “Miscegenation On Ya Station!”
04:40 – “Jackin’ For Basquiats”
05:58 – “Trespasser”
07:38 – “Black Weirdo”
09:42 – “Roaches In the Kitchen”

Pre-order now at: j-zone.bandcamp.com
Album release date 09.05.2013
iTunes release date: 09.10.2013

1. It’s A Trap!
2. R.A.’s Career Advice
3. Gadget Ho
4. Molotov Cocktail
5. Opposites Attract (Featuring Al-Shid)
6. Miscegenation On Ya Station!
7. Crib Issues
8. Jackin For Basquiats
9. The Drug Song (Remix)
10. Player Potion (Featuring Chief Chinchilla)
11. Hog Slop (Featuring Celph Titled)
12. Rap Baby Boomers
13. An Honest Day’s Robbery (Featuring Has-Lo)
14. Gimme A Hit
15. Trespasser
16. Black Weirdo
17. The Fox Hunt (Featuring Breeze Brewin of The Juggaknots)
18. Roaches In The Kitchen
19. Peer Pressure
20. Peter Pan Syndrome
21. No Plan A
22. Mo’ Pork (Featuring Swagmaster Bacon)


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