Cormega f/ Raekwon-Honorable-Prod. by Large Professor #NewMusic


Cormega released this a couple days ago with no mention of what it was for or who produced it.I contacted him via Twitter to ask who produced.I didn’t ask what project it was from but I got both answers.It will appear on his upcoming Mega Philosophy LP that is entirely produced by Large Professor.

Buckshot-Interview & Freestyle w/ Sway In the Morning *Video

The sneaker brand Buckshot mentions here is the one Sway spoke to Kanye about in the
“start at the bottom don’t wait for nobody”..”if he can do it you can do it” now infamous interview.

Brooklyn native Buckshot stops by Sway in the Morning to let citizens in on what he’s been up to lately. Buckshot brings along his newest project, Triple Threat sneakers, a new fashion endeavor he’s been working on for a while. Starting from the bottom is exactly what Buckshot is doing with this sneaker, keeping it independent and close to the source. The construction of the shoe is to the T and will be for sale on January 26th 2014. The Black Moon member also talks about working with Eminem and remixing his remake of “Don’t Front.” Buckshot takes few calls from fans as well.

MURS & DJ Dave-Thass Kombucha-Official Video

What you sipping on DJ Dave? This? Thass Kombucha.
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Reed’s Culture Club Kombucha uses the finest Oolong and Yerba Mate teas brewed in spring water and proprietary culture to create a delicious beverage of healthful beneficial enzymes, probiotics and organic acids that detoxify, energize and balance with nutrition your body craves.

Young Zee-Musical Meltdown LP-Full Stream *HQ

If you remember I posted a few days ago that Dope Folks Records would finally release Young Zee’s Musical Meltdown LP after it was infamously shelved in ’96 and never released except for a few promo cassettes that command great interest on the tape trader market.After hearing the tape that was a dub of a dub of a dub , Dope Folks has released all the tracks from Pt.1 -They’re releasing the LP in 2 parts- in their mastered quality on YouTube.Only 300 Vinyl copies will be pressed.Order here quickly Musical Meltdown and listen to Part 1 below.