Bgirl Fresh Mama vs Bgirl Macca-Rock the Box 2014 (Bgirl final) w/ Strife *Video

Strife sais:

1st Annual Breakin’ Festival “ROCK the BOX”

Rock the Box Breakin’ Festival” was created to showcase the hip hop arts and pay homage to the artistic and technical aspects of Breakin’, while creating a platform for businesses to connect with our community.

The Festival will feature other businesses, workshops and activities for all ages, bringing in families, participants and supporters from the DC metro area, along with some of the best dancers and crews from across the country.

These dancers will compete in a 1 vs. 1 tournament for an estimated $5,000 in cash and prizes. We at The Lab DC are excited to present “Rock the Box Breakin’ Festival,” an event full with activities, entertainment, food, and vendors.

Bgirl Ling-Red Bull BC One 2014 Cypher (Hong Kong)-Video

For some reason the embed doesn’t give the “CC” option for English.Click the player to go to YouTube and you can do it there.

At Red Bull BC One Hong Kong Cypher, all eyes were on the only B-Girl who competed in BC One for her first time. B-Girl Ling successfully advanced into the quarter finals and shares her inspiring story of the challenges that come with being a b-girl in Hong Kong.

Corpus Octo 2-Mix

8 obsessive record collectors, musicians, producers and mix creators found a common sound and built a small community around it in Mixcloud.
Corpus Octo is an International Collaborative Mix Project born from this community that has winged it’s way digitally between each contributor. For our second project we have delved into the darker regions of our collections, digging up cult British Horror Soundtracks, Heavy Giallo Grooves and Rare TV Incidental Music to create a unique soundtrack for a film that exists only in our minds and the ether.

Below is an older trailer for this mix

Corpus Octo 2 has been made for you by-

Jonny Redman
September 70
Nick Faber
DJ Alfonso
DJ Fraser
Douglas Craters
Vinyl Miners
DJ George Ben Sun {AM}
Extra Unseen

Evidence & AWAR-Everything’s Awesome-Prod. by Vanderslice #NewMusic

Prepping the final stages for it’s release Vanderslice presents Everything’s Awesome. The title track featuring Evidence from Dilated Peoples and long time collaborator and close personal friend AWAR. Everything’s Awesome is a collection of instrumentals and in addition to Evidence & AWAR features from Freddie Gibbs, Maffew Ragazino, Merkules, Apathy, Celph Titled, & Twin Gambino. Along side his partner Green Steez, Vanderslice has created a soundscape and a collage of sounds ranging in style and extreme levels of awesomeness. You can buy the album now on cocaaaaaaine white vinyl, cause everything they drop is straight dope. Head over to for more details

Sir Froderick-SubtlWhoadi-Beat LP *Snippets


Sir Froderick, comes to (iN)Sect Records by way of Philadelphia, Boston and most recently, the Pasadena area of Los Angeles. He is one of the top producers forging ahead with sample-based production in today’s brand new musical environment that’s put the producers back in the foreground. He has released albums for the labels Record Breakin’ and most recently, Cascade out of France.

His new LP, entitled “SUBTL WHOADI”, is the first vinyl release from Froderick on the (iN). The artwork made by Sir Froderick himself, was screen-printed individually by hand so that every single record has a unique and different design and colorway, printed by Texas artist Wingknut. The music inside the colorful jackets is somewhere between meditation and taking a vacation to the head-nod Olympics. Every cut on the album brings a different flavor with all of these songs being created with an original mind, some records and an MPC. Instrumental Hip-Hop that teaches history as well as inviting the listeners to move towards the future. And all of that happens inside the headphones.

This marks their first release w/ Sir Froderick. And it’s on multiple-colored wax w/ individually printed jackets. Printed by Wingknut Artwork by Sir Froderick