eMC (Masta Ace,Punchline,Stricklin,Wordsworth)-Interview/Performance w/ Sway In the Morning *Video

Hip-Hop super group eMC stopped by Sway In the Morning to talk about their new album, The Turning Point. The group also spoke about how they use the internet to write their music. Additionally, they explained how they have adjusted to music becoming digitized. Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, and Strick went on to tell how wack rappers inspire their music and their appreciation for ratchet music. The group also gave the Sway in the Morning Citizens a plethora of live performances on air. EMC’s The Turning Point is out right now, so be sure to purchase it either here Amazon or here ITunes


DJ Excel (Skratch Makaniks)-1’s and Tuesday w/ DJ City & REVOLT *Vimeo

DJ Excel of the Skratch Makaniks put down a four minute routine for REVOLT Live’s “1s and Tuesday” earlier this month. His set featured new and classic tracks interspersed with scratching and juggling.

Originally from Philadelphia, Excel has over two decades of DJ experience, including contributions to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s critically acclaimed album, “The Magnificent” and an appearance on DJcity’s legendary MikiDz Show.

REVOLT Live’s “1s and Tuesday” segment is a new collaboration between DJcity and the cable TV network which showcases skilled turntablists every week. Previous guests include Jayceeoh, DJ Spider, DJ Dynamix, QUIX05, with more scheduled to perform.

Watch “1s and Tuesday” every week at 2pm and 5pm PST during REVOLT Live.