DJ JS-1 f/ Ill Bill & Slaine-Profreshionals #NewMusic

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Off of Jerms’ It Is What It Isn’t LP
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What separates the amateurs from the professionals? Is it their persistence of honing their craft? Their dedication to becoming world class? Whatever it is, know that we all start on a blank slate and those who develop their talents day by day are the ones that usually succeed. Chopping up a Prodigy quotable from Mobb Deep’s “G.O.D Pt. III” with samples of Amadeus sandwiched in-between some hardbody verses, “Profreshionals” isn’t your everyday rap track. As DJ JS-1 lays the foundation for Ill Bill and Slaine, who comprise half of the underground supergroup, La Coka Nostra, the two speak on life, death and the undead, while JS-1 talks with his hands. If you’re new to these guys, know that they’ve been in the game long enough to have mastered the trade that has earned them the coveted song title, which is available for stream and free download.

Paul Nice-Don’t Understand (Masta Ace)-TRUE Inst. Straight From Paul’s MPC

Paul sais:

Okay. Went digging in the discs and found the original floppy for “Don’t Understand” which I was honored to produce for Masta Ace’s classic “Disposable Arts” album. It was also the lead single.
I consider this version the only true instrumental since the “instrumental” found on the 12″ single is actually more of a dub/tv track – with Ace’s vocals flying in the mix every other line as well as Greg Nice’s entire hook still present.
Also, I think if you’ll compare the two, this version – mixed completely dry and straight from the MPC60-II – punches a LOT harder. I’ll let you decide.


Elemental 88-The Best Of Each Hip-Hop Element This Week 11/22/14–11/28/14

Every Friday I pick the best representation of each Hip-Hop Element-MC,DJ,BREAKING,GRAFFITI-from the past week.Knowledge is to some including me the 5th Element.



De La Soul f/ Chuck D-The People

The idea for the song came from a couple of samples, and the track’s vibe is earnest and has a pressing tone to it. The lyrics are commentaries of our struggles and successes, our weaknesses and strengths… the experiences… and trials and tribulations we have faced as human beings, a race, and as individuals. Lyrically Chuck brings a sense of authority and urgency. The power in his voice demands your attention. With Chuck on the track this is a dream come true for us.

Originally “The People” was suppose to drop in June around the same time the Chuck D/Hot 97/Peter Rosenberg situation took place. We chose to hold off and not add fuel to any fires. Our next aim was for a Black Friday release. Coincidentally the Ferguson tragedy took place, and more recently the non-indictment verdict. Somehow this song was destined to be a part of something more than just dropping a joint. We hope it will lend itself to something positive in these difficult times.

We created some merchandise for this song that is for sale (The People T-Shirt & Sweatshirt). Proceeds from the merch will be donated to two organizations: All Star Code and I Love Ferguson.

All Star Code is an organization that helps under served youth make their way into the tech industry. We’ve been building, strategizing, and working with developers for the past year, and we understand the importance of education in tech. We have a music tech company that we’ll be launching soon called Daisy ( It’s important that we have more people from our community and our culture involved in this space. We just want to do our part in making that happen and ultimately help build the future of music.

I Love Ferguson is a organization that’s helping to rebuild the town of Ferguson, MO. We feel strong about helping and supporting the small businesses that have been affected in that area.



Stretch Armstrong-Cassette Culture 5 “Kid Capri-Live At the Building 1990″

Stretch Armstrong continues his excellent “Cassette Culture” series for Cuepoint with historic Hip-Hop stories connected to rare DJ sets that he has on tape , and performances that may have been lost forever without his deep collection of tapes.This is no different as Stretch lets out this set from one of the best DJ’s ever , DJ Kid Capri , from New York city’s The Building club in 1990. Stretch even gives a free DL of this without a doubt classic set.

For some reason the Stretch’s story won’t embed here so please read it at the link below while listening.




Red Bull BC One (Paris)-World Finals-Trailer



Bboy Victor (USA)
Bboy Gravity(USA)
Bboy Thesis (USA)
Bboy Hong 10 (South Korea)
Bboy Wing (South Korea)
Bboy Menno (Netherlands)
Bboy Luan (Brazil)
Bboy Lilou (France)
Bboy Mounir (France)
Bboy Tonio (France)
Bboy Cheerito (Russia)
Bboy Alcolil (Russia)
Bboy Lil G (Venezuela)
Bboy Benny (South Africa)
Bboy Blond (Australia)
Bboy Taisuke (Japan)



KOBRA-Hate the Player 2-Official Trailer

Belgium , Hungary , France , Italy , and more will be covered in this one.


If you missed the first film then take an hour and watch below.




This week I chose this speech from Killer Mike of Run the Jewels . When the Grand Jury decided not to indict the cop who killed Mike Brown tensions were and still are high , and while protestors let go of pent up frustration Mike and El-P had a show to perform in St. Louis . Once there and before things got started Mike decided not to grin and bear it.


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