Nekubi & Hajino-Brooklyn 85-Beat Tape

The concept behind this project was to capture the atmosphere of Brooklyn, New York in the mid 80’s.
Consider it a mini study of the aural aesthetics, textures and trends of that era, by two kids trying to step into the future.
The result is a split 30 min tape between nekubi and hajino, full of lo-fi texturing and obscure nostalgic sketches, each one delivering their own perspective of the concept.


produced and mixed by :
nekubi (sideA) and hajino (sideB)

Tracey Lee-Interview w/ Digital Hustle *Video

Digital Hustle sais:

An in depth interview with Tracey Lee discussing how he got jacked for his publishing, why to get a good entertainment lawyer and how much he paid for a Biggie verse on his album. Purchase Tracey Lee’s new album E.S.Q The Revelation at or at all digital stores worldwide.


This is Tracey Lee’s big hit followed by the track with Biggie.

DJ Eclipse-The Halftime Show Larry Smith Tribute-Mix

DJ Eclipse sais:

On December 19th legendary producer Larry Smith passed away. He was responsible for almost all of Whodini and RUN-D.M.C.’s classics as well as contributing to many other artists such as the Fat Boys and Kurtis Blow. To many of us he was considered the first Hip Hop producer. RUN-D.M.C.’s “Sucker M.C.’s” set Hip Hop on a path in a new musical direction. On Wednesday, December 24th DJ Eclipse and The Halftime Show paid tribute to Larry with many of the songs that he was responsible for making along with phone calls from his longtime friend Spyder D, his son Larry Smith Jr. and a fan of Larry’s turned producer, DJ Premier.

Sirek (VTM)-Happy Christmas (Molotow One4All) w/ Writers Madrid-Video *Graffiti

Writers Madrid sais:

Desde WRITERS MADRID queremos felicitar a todos nuestros amigos y amigas las navidades con este peculiar christmas y transmitiros nuestros mejores deseos para este año 2015 que esta a punto de salir de la cochera para empezar a rular durante 365 días!!

Rulos eternos como los que había en su día en Nueva York, donde los colores y la energía de los Writers estaba latente en todos sus vagones!! Esa energía hemos querido captar en esta lamina repleta de colores, con rulos, donde se respira la esencia del Graffity mas clásico. Disfrutar de este video / felicitación fruto de la mano de Sirek (vtm) ilustrador y creativo, nacido del graffiti original y los rotuladores ONE4ALL and MASKING, Para poner todo el color necesario a este mensaje:

Disfrutar de estas fechas!! pintar, divertiros, hincharos a comer y os esperamos este 2015 en nuestras tiendas, porque la lucha no cesa!!

Happy 2015!! The Writers year!!


Direct English Translation

From WRITERS MADRID want to congratulate all our friends Christmas with this unique christmas and convey our best wishes for the year 2015 is about to leave the garage to start rular for 365 days !!

Rollers eternal as he had in his day in New York, where the colors and energy of Writers was latent in all its cars !! That energy we wanted to capture in this sheet full of colors, curly, where the essence of classic Graffity breathe more. Enjoy this video / fruit greeting hand Sirek (vtm) illustrator and creative, born of original graffiti and ONE4all and MASKING markers, to put all the necessary color to this message:

Enjoy this time !! paint, have fun, hincharos to eat and I hope this 2015 in our stores, because the struggle continues !!