The Diggers Union-The Crate Discovery (Japan)-Mix


TDU1200 sais:

Welcome to the first installment of The Crate Discovery, our brand new bi-weekly music series here at The Diggers Union. Every other Wednesday you will receive a brand new mix from either myself or Unexpected, highlighting many of the records that don’t make it to air on our weekly radio show, Enjoy and Be Educated. With so many records in our crates and such a short window of time to play them, Unexpected and I knew we had to do something extra so these leftovers wouldn’t get lost in the sauce. Each mix will be 10-tracks, and will be made available for download. Each mix will also be uploaded to our official MixCloud account, so you can stream them directly from your iPhone/Android device. Unexpected and I also encourage you to share these mixes with your friends, and post them on your music site.
To kick off the new series, we take you on a musical journey to the island of Japan.

Featuring: Minoru Muraoka, George Otsuka Quintet, Akira Ishikawa, Hiroshi Suzuki, Masaru Imada and others.

01. Minoru Muraoka – “Bamboo Rock”
02. Naosuke Miyamoto Sextet – “A New Shade of Blue”
03. George Otsuka Quintet – “Naima”
04. Hiroshi Suzuki – “Shrimp Dance”
05. Masabumi Kikuchi – “East Wind”
06. Masaru Imada – “A Green Caterpillar”
07. Sammy & Freedom Unity – “Summertime”
08. Akira Ishikawa – “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination”
09. Akira Ishikawa – “Sandstorm”
10. Quasimode – “Giant Black Shadow”

Paul White-Rhythm Roulette w/ Mass Appeal *Video

Mass Appeal sais:

We headed to South London to link up with producer Paul White and see what he could cook up on the spot. We hit a record shop in Lewisham with White so he could make his three random selections, and he ended up with Rainbow’s Down to Earth, The Byrds’ Ballad Of Easy Rider, and Odyssey’s I Got The Melody. Once we got back to his studio, he crafted an instrumental using the Odyssey record, as well as his own additional instrumentation.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist-Renegades Of Rhythm-Official VHS *Full Stream

Pillage Roadshow sais:

Own the experience exclusively on VHS (Limited to 300 Copies):

Utilizing vinyl borrowed exclusively from Afrika Bambaataa’s historic and genre-defining record collection, DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s acclaimed Renegades Of Rhythm set touches down in Oakland, California in this professionally-documented film experience. You’re there in the audience as the two DJ’s unravel the evolution of Hip-Hop music and culture, using the same artifacts that helped create it. “Not just any records- the MASTER OF RECORDS’ records.”

Directed by Joseph Armario

Large Professor-Interview (Pt.1) w/ Ali Shaheed & Frannie Kelley (Microphone Check)

If you’re a Hip-Hop head then I don’t have to tell you about Large Pro’s importance . If for some reason you don’t know the extensive body of work he’s produced then tune in and get that knowledge .

NPR sais:

Last spring, way back in 2014, we sat down with Large Professor, partly on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Illmatic but mostly because he’s the reason for much of the New York rap we both love so much.