Cut Chemist-Funk Off-Mega Mix

The Jurassic 5 DJ and Creator is going to press up 1,000 copies of this and that’s it.

Cut Chemist sais:

A mix of French Synth and Drum Machine based music from cassettes and records remixed into a seamless dance party the only way Cut Chemist knows how.


DJ MK & Shortee Blitz w/ Stretch & Bobbito-Interview / Mix

DJ MK sais:

We were graced with old friends Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito on last weeks show. They passed thru to talk about there new film Radio That Changed Lives amongst other funniness. Listen to the hilarious interview alongside all the banging new Hip Hop you need to hear, live in the mix!!!!


Watch that new Stretch & Bob documentary here

Organized Noize-Rhythm Roulette w/ Mass Appeal *Video

By now you know the deal . A Hip-Hop producer get’s blindfolded and goes into a local record store to pull 3 records on vinyl that they have to then sample and make a beat with . Organized Noize is more than qualified as they report live from Stankonia .


Mass Appeal sais:

What can be said about Organized Noize that isn’t already evident in the legacy of their production discography? Paving the way for breakout acts like TLC, OutKast, and Goodie Mob, there’s no denying Ray Murray, Rico Wade, and Sleepy Brown are the foundation of Atlanta hip hop.

On the latest episode of Rhythm Roulette, we join ONP at the iconic Stankonia Studios. While the trio came up making sample-based hip hop, they quickly learned the real secret was creating everything from scratch (not to mention those royalty checks get a little fatter). However, they welcomed our challenge with such conviction that we knew nothing less than a banger was coming out of the studio by the end of the night.

Pulling from the Four Tops, Thin Lizzy, and Millie Jackson, ONP had to eventually set the records aside because there was too much to sample. While the final result is an 808-heavy, atmospheric production stamped with the crew’s signature soulful grooves, we got the sense they’ll be saving this one for something special, as they quickly told their engineer to stop recording once Sleepy laid down the bassline. The records were quickly tucked away; Ray, Rico, and Sleepy smirked as if they’d stumbled upon buried treasure. Trust, a fire was sparked in the studio than night. Here’s to hoping it isn’t extinguished anytime soon.

UGeorge-The Many Faces of UGeorge-LP *Snippets

WorldExpo sais:

As he frequently says, “If they can’t see your vulnerability, they can’t really see you”.

UGeorge is also a gifted poet and is known in poetry circles around Atlanta and the Virgin Islands. He’s also a part of the super conglomerate known to the world as Soundsci, which includes fellow lyricists Oxygen, Audessey and Supastition. As well as producers Jonny Cuba and Ollie Teeba.

His solo record entitled Many Faces of U George, gives the listener a peek into the complex mind of this artist as he attempts to show different perspectives of life through a grown man’s eyes.

01. 40 Year Old Rapper (produced by Myke Forte)
02. I Ain’t Watchin’ You (produced by Floyd the Locsmif)
03. Three the Hard Way feat: Soundsci (Oxygen & Audeseey)
produced by The Process (Ollie Teeba & Jonny Cuba)
04. Mr Right Now (Produced by The Process)
05. Class In Session (produced by Ollie Teeba)
06. Thaddeus Speaks (produced by Silent Someone)
07. Generations feat: Supastition (produced by The Process)
08. I Give in (produced by Myke Forte)
09. Blowin’ Up feat: Soundsci (Oxygen & Audeseey)
produced by The Process
10 Tribute (Produced by Ollie Teeba)
11.When We Were Young feat: Soundsci (Oxygen & Audeseey)
produced by Jonny Cuba
12.Speechless (Bonus Track****)
13.Conscious (Bonus Track**** Produced by Audessey)