About Me And How You Can Submit

ruggedones.wordpress is MY site I started because I could not find any others that focused on ALL elements of Hip-Hop and the culture.This is not for radio rap enthusiasts.This is for people who still know what a cypher is.For people that like a puch kick and not an 808 decayed to death.
If you come here for 1 post than search another category or that posts name.You will probably find more from it that you like.
Its only gonna get bigger.
Follow me on Twitter @INDOESadSmilez
I take submissions for the site on Twitter.
If you’re submitting IT MUST BE ORIGINAL please include:
What project the track,video or mix is from
Who produced & where they’re from
Where you are from
I only ask where artist and producer are from so that I can tag your location in the post so people who visit my site can search their city,state or country for all music/mixtapes/videos/DJ performance/Breaking or Graffiti etc in their area.It can help you pick up new listeners or fans from your area.


16 thoughts on “About Me And How You Can Submit

  1. Hollywood HAN-AN is back again! This track was produced by T. Acosta, Rick Cruz and Paul Trahan for Biltmore Records Inc. Originally a statement mocking the redundant content in rap music the songs true texture lies in the social, political and ecological ideas that continue to become even more transparent today.

  2. Hello, my name is Prime Suspect I am a young artist currently in Montréal. I moved from North Carolina a while back. I take part in a collective called: “No Way Out”(N.W.O). I’ve been rapping for about a year and a half, and I dont really like rap to say. I actually like the way of posing words on a beat and making it sync, thats the shit i feel. I feel the images I get while bumping a certain song. Thats what I find important in music. Not the song itsself but the whole concept from the cover art to the last sound played on the beat. I recently released an EP to show my point of view. Here’s the link. I hope you enjoy!




    Instagram :_sirfweaness

      1. I already have and will continue to. I am about to share a link. Thanks again. I have been getting into Ronnie Gee lately, starting with Raptivity. Hey, it is never too late!

  3. Jay Watts – Younger (produced by Myles William)

    Jay Watts release ‘Younger’ produced by Myles.William. On the reflective track Watts rhymes about getting older and progressing as an adult. Moving in the way that a big man should, leaving behind the bullshit and drama. First release from the Last Wonder of the World EP set to release May 2014.

  4. My name is AshD a hip hop artist from California, I just released a EP entitled “The Waiting Room” you can find it here at AshD.BandCamp.Com. Please check it out.

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