HOLICK-Croatian Terrain w/ Montana Colors-Vimeo #Graffiti

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Montana Colors sais:

This video comes sent to us from Croatian terrain and stars the writer Holick, here seen bringing to use MTN Speed cans on a freight train.
MTN Speed, conceived for painting fast pieces because both its pressure and coverage power are equal in strength, offers the optimal characteristics for use on surfaces as challenging as freight train metal.
The material comes with courtesy of our Montana Colors distributor in Croatia, CHILL chill.hr/

Desde tierras croatas nos llega este vídeo protagonizado por el escritor Holick, blandiendo los MTN Speed sobre un tren de mercancías.
El MTN Speed, concebido para la realización de piezas rápidas por su balance de presión y cubrición, ofrece unas características que óptimas para su uso sobre un medio tan exigente como lo es la chapa de un tren de mercancías.
Un material por cortesía de nuestro distribuidor de Montana Colors en Croacia, CHILL

SPEED-Need For Speed w/ Montana Colors-Vimeo #Graffiti

Regarding the eternal question of quality versus quantity, some writers have made up their minds: adding up the numbers is the most important thing, and in order to do that, speed is a determinant factor.
That’s the attitude that’s reflected in this video that made it to our inbox, recorded by an anonymous writer on their odyssey through France, Italy, Austria, and Belgium. Speed is their alias, and Speed is their tool.

Respecto a la eterna pregunta de calidad o cantidad algunos escritores lo tienen muy claro: Sumar es lo más importante, y para ello la velocidad es un factor determinante.
Esta actitud es la que refleja este vídeo que ha llegado a nuestras manos, grabado por un escritor anónimo en su odisea por Francia, Italia, Austria y Bélgica. Speed es su alias y Speed su herramienta.

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MUSIC BY: PNL “Différents”

RAZOR (COS)-The MOLOTOW Train (Germany)-Vimeo #Graffiti


Molotow sais:

Trainwriting is probably the most traditional discipline of the graffiti art movement. The german graffiti art culture has a long history and since the ´80s cities like Dortmund, Munich or Hamburg are well known for its high quality of painted passenger trains. There are many outstanding trainwriters to mention active since and still on to represent their names and crew. One of them is RAZOR and his COLORS ON STEEL (COS) Crew from northern germany, who is active since the early´90s. Everyone interested in german graffiti knows, what kind of graffiti artist this time painted our MOLOTOW Train, not long time ago. We were very honored to host such a legend and we are proud of having him in the family of supported MOLOTOW artists. This is a tribute to his work, quality and endurance during more than 20 years of painting trains with the highest possible quality.

UTAH & ETHER-Probation Vacation-Lost In Asia (Singapore & Philippines)-Vimeo #Graffiti

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(Available May 5th)

Grifters say:

Singapore has become known worldwide for implementing corporal punishment and harsh prison sentences for vandalism, consequences which have effectively deterred many graffiti tourists. This video marks the first Singapore Metro system (SMRT) hit to be documented on video and the second time in history that the system has been painted. The vandalism (which resulted in the SMRT being fined $200,000 for failing to follow security protocols) quickly snowballed into a scandal that garnered global attention. The general public of Singapore was outraged and the then President and CEO of SMRT Corporation was forced to resign.

Manila is known to most for the poverty, corruption and violence that emanates throughout the capitol city. For Utah and Ether however, it is known for only one thing; the metro system.
Since the Manila metro bombings in 2000 security checks, K-9 units and armed police officers have been mandatory in every metro depot and station. This video marks the first graffiti hit on the LRT 2, the only line running heavy rail metro vehicles on this system. The LRT 2 train carriages feature uniquely beautiful yellow and purple details, making it a rare trophy coveted by subway writers around the world.

UTAH & ETHER-Probation Vacation : Lost In Asia (Turkey , India , Thailand , Malaysia) *Vimeo


The Grifters sais:


In this project UTAH & ETHER (dubbed the “Bonnie & Clyde” of the graffiti world by The New York Times) will take you into the depths of Asia, a place mostly untouched by graffiti, where the couple spent years documenting their travels and painting the metro systems in some of the wildest cities on the world’s largest continent.
The Grifters have the pleasure to present you this historic video series, filled with adventures from 11 Countries and 37 Cities. Packed in 12 Episodes, counting more than 90min of action.
2 new episodes to be released each week.
Viewer discretion is advised.

“In 2011, UTAH & ETHER began the Probation Vacation project by booking a month long ticket to India. Their destinations were New Delhi, Kolkata (the only two cities with operational Metro systems at the time) and Mumbai (where the Metro was under construction). The trip resulted in the first graffiti hits on these three systems.

In 2015 they began to edit the footage for these episodes we present to you. In this process several hard drives crashed, resulting in the loss of footage & photos vital to the project, including all of the footage and all but a couple of photos of the actions in New Delhi & Mumbai.

And so, four years after their initial trip to India, with the Mumbai Metro finally operational and 4 more metro systems in India set to open, Utah & Ether made the decision to push back the release of their project and return to India for a second time. Their plan this time was to revisit New Delhi and Mumbai to retake the footage they had lost and to travel to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Jaipur to make 4 more first hits on the new systems there. “The cost of sending the hard drives to a laboratory for recovery of our files was more expensive than just going to India again. And it wasn’t 100% certain that the lab would even be able to recover all the files. We knew that since the last time we’d been in India, there were 4 new Metro systems in construction. Also, our filming equipment had gotten a significant upgrade since our first trip, and we were more seasoned in filming these types of actions in these types of locations. We decided that all around it just made sense to go back” said UTAH & ETHER.

Heading back to one of the most intense and physically/mentally exhausting countries they have ever visited, they knew that the trip could turn out to be a total disaster. “We knew from the first time, that it was quite possible that most of the trip would be spent puking in a hotel room from food poisoning, or recovering in a hospital bed from heat stroke. We knew that the security situation in India could be very tense as all the metro is often secured by military armed with automatic weapons, and that maybe we would get to the yards and there wouldn’t be much opportunity. We knew that the odds wouldn’t necessarily be in our favor, but we also knew we had to try.”

2011 footage filmed by: TRIK”

the 2004 opening of Bangkok’s official Metro system, the beautiful red, purple and yellow striped trains of the underground MRT have been a goal for metro writers worldwide. Infamous for the snake infested jungle surrounding it and the Royal Thai Police who diligently guard it, many writers have attempted to paint the RAMA IX Metro Depot, but very few have succeeded. While most tourists visit Bangkok to spend their time with working girls and lady boys, UTAH & ETHER focused their energy and attention on painting.

The capitol city of Kuala Lumpur is one of Asia’s biggest transit hubs and home of the only metro system in Malaysia. As of 2004 the metro lines, which originally operated as separate companies, merged under the RapidKL network. The RapidKL has become a target for vandals worldwide, resulting in a police unit specifically dedicated to protecting the metro depots against graffiti. RapidKL runs both driver-operated and automated lines, creating many interesting painting opportunities.


Vivacity sais:

ORMAGEDDON the video – a film made by ORM crew from Moscow about trainwriting in Russia and Europe. Contains the best scenes of graffiti fun for the last 10 years. The geography of the film covers graffiti-tourism of the crew in Russia and Ukraine. Crazy actions on different European metro systems: Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Oslo and many more.

The Wavinci Code Vol.1 w/ System Boys & Modest Skate Shop-Vimeo #Graffiti

Systemboys say:

From North America comes the following video, in collaboration with System Boys and Modest Skate Shop (Chicago), with actions in streets of different cities as well as commuter trains, freights and Subways. We see the members of USA and STK crews as main protagonists such as Wave, Uforik, Mitch and Obese.
Video dedicated to 2Buk and Afrika who passed away.
Desde Norte América nos llega el siguiente video, en colaboración con System Boys y Modest Skate Shop (Chicago), con acciones en calles de diferentes ciudades, así como trenes de cercanías, mercancías y metros americanos. Como protagonistas principales vemos a los miembros de los grupos USA y STK, como Wave, Uforik, Mitch y Obese.
Video dedicado a los fallecidos 2Buk y Afrika.