Stretch & Bobbito-Samsung 837-Radio Show

Legendary duo of Stretch & Bobbito return with a brand new show . If you’re familiar with their incredible WKCR run then take note . This is not that . It is a mix of vinyl joints that make you move and groove , and some may even be familiar to you from samples used . It’s still a great show . Welcome back .

Stretch and Bobbito-Interview w/ 247HH *Video

247HH sais:

Official 247HH exclusive interview with New York based Hip Hop DJ’s Stretch & Bobbito, where you’ll hear about how their purpose was to stop show bootlegging and push out dope music , the meaning and significant sayings and words they used on the show , what they would say to the younger them, if they could , how they got a pass while dealing with Label Reps and Promoters in the Hip Hop game , funny WKCR moments with Ol’ Dirty Bastard and snapping on each other , being real fans of Hip Hop even before the show, as well as meeting dope MC’s in the game , and more

Meyhem Lauren-Interview w/ Gray Rizzy (Shade 45) *Video

Official free DL of Meyhem’s new project Piatto D’oro on Fools Gold . HERE

Gray sais:

Queens artist Meyhem Lauren steps into First Play with host Gray Rizzy to preview his new project “Piatto D’oro”. Known by many monikers, Meyhem Lauren give a track by track tour of his latest offering along with in house producer Ice Rocks and talks about guest appearances (Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Hologram), production (DJ Muggs, Alchemist, Large Professor, Seth Silencer), keeping his music authentic to NYC and why he decided to give this project to the people for free. 99!

Smudge-BulletProof Beatz 25-As I Reminisce Vol 2 (The Mike Allen / Streetsounds Tribute Tape)


Smudge sais:

Mix Features Captain Rock, Steady B, DJ Cheese, Stetsasonic, Mantronix, Double D & Steinski, Run DMC, MC Shy-D & tons more.
Unwrap a fresh TDK, slip it into the JVC, hit record & check out some Fresh tunes!!!
My tribute to 2 of the most pivotal influences on my musical mindstate & the Hip-Hop scene in the UK.
Catching the legend Mike Allen on his twice weekly ‘Capital Rap Show’ & snapping up every release on Morgan Khan’s iconic ‘Streetsounds’ label was what I lived for.
I hope this tribute brings back some good memories for you, it certainly does for me.
Catch me on Twitter @SmudgeAFC


Here is a portion of Mike Allen’s “Capital Rap Show” from May 10th 1986 . I always like to hear these radio rips because of commercials from the time , rare tracks that may have only been played once or twice , and this because of it being from the UK .

Willie D-Interview w/ Sway In the Morning *Video

Sways Universe sais:

The legendary Willie D has never been one to hold his tongue, and man…he definitely doesn’t hold back in this interview.  He was the lead member of the pioneering rap group Geto Boys from Houston, Texas or as Sway describes them “the mecca for what was going on in the South.”  The Geto Boys helped to open a lot of doors to let people have freedom of expression because without them, songs like “B*tches ain’t Sh*t” by YG would probably be banned today.

Scarface, member of the Geto Boys, called in to reminisce with Willie about the time they got booed in New York, even though things came full circle when they sold out Madison Square Garden a couple months later.  Willie also talks about feeling obligated to fulfill J Prince’s, founder of Rap-A-Lot Records, goal to bring Houston’s story to the light because this was the first time he had someone believing in him and was willing to pay him to do something he loves…rap.

Willie goes into talking about Ted Cruz, who he describes as an opportunist; Donald Trump, who he describes as a seperatist: “we need someone to unite the people, not divide”; and Caitlyn Jenner, who he believes should not have won the Woman of the Year award…and that’s just scratching the surface.  His new song “Coon” is what prompted this powerful conversation as he describes the different types of coon (“if your criticism to the black community outweighs your contribution to the black community, you are a coon”), what he meant by his Stephen A. Smith line, and more insight into the enlightened mind of Willie D.  Check out the interview above and make sure you purchase “Coon”, now available on iTunes.