Magic Johnson-Interview w/ Sway In the Morning *Video

It’s Magic.For a half hour he speaks on HIV and AIDS,His son living as a gay man,Top players in the NBA today ,his business’,and a lot more.

Sway sais:

It’s Black History month, so it’s only right that we have the great and legendary Earvin “Magic” Johnson stop by Sway in the Morning!

We applaud Magic for being open about being HIV positive, and introducing Oraquick (available over the counter at local drug stores) to us — an in-home HIV test.

“1.1 million people are living with HIV [in 2011]” Magic tells us. “Early detection” is
what can save you.

Allen Iverson-Interview w/ Sway *Video

Sway gets a chance to kick it with basketball legend Allen Iverson during a Brooklyn Nets game at the Barclay’s Center. The man with one of the best cross-overs talks about his timeless Reebok shoe Question, matching up with one of the greatest in basketball, Michael Jordan and paving the way for tattoo’s and body art in the media. Sway also digs deep and shines some light on Iverson’s decision to retire from the game, and how it feels to watch basketball without playing. Allen also gives his input on the rap game and who he considers the “Kobe” of the rap game

Kendrick Lamar,Sway & James Harden-Get Schooled w/ Bethel High School *Vimeo

In partnership with Taco Bell Foundation for Teens and Viacommunity, Get Schooled celebrated the amazing accomplishments of Bethel Regional High School. Hip hop superstar Kendrick Lamar, NBA all star James Harden, Sway along with Greg Creed CEO of Taco Bell joined Get Schooled in Bethel, Alaska. Five years ago, Bethel was named a dropout factory, this year 83% of its graduating seniors went to college!