DJ Moe Love-Digging In the Tapes (Vol. 1)-Official Trailer

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Vinyl Release – July 1

Pritt Kalsi sais:

Music innovator and hard rock funk scientist DJ Moe Love is bringing the true UltraMagnetic sound. Before the Madlib , and J-Dilla movement, nothing was moving funkier and faster in the golden era then UltraMagnetic MC’s!! In the 80’s on the “nine” block on Washington Avenue in the south Bronx at his cousins Patrick and Cedric “Ced-Gee” Miller’s house aka Ultra-Lab, is where Moe Love found his calling as a beat digger, DJ and Producer.

Simultaneously He watched the formation of KRS One and Scott La Rock go from the Celebrity Three to Boogie Down Productions, to aligning with Kool Keith, Ced-Gee,T.R. Love and Original Ronnie T. to become UltraMagnetic MC’s. Moe Love’s early passion for record digging for not just rare jazz, funk and soul breaks but the odd sound library and spoken word records is what helped shape the UltraMagnetic sound!! Moe Love’s sample chops and mastery of the SP 1200 is unmatched and distinctly funky along with his trademark scratches is what keeps the essence of the hip-hop on fire!!!

Moe Love’s sound can be heard on many classics from UltraMagnetic MC’S, Tim Dog, King Tee, BeastieBoys, Dr. Doom, Slaughter House Cartel, Tricky, Demagogue and the Prodigy,

The album picks up where the UltraMagnetic MC’s Four Horsemen album left off!! A collection of unheard SP 1200 floppy discs recorded and professionally mixed that sounds so
organically dope you understand Moe’s importance in Ultra. Moe Love adds his classic rugged scratches , cuts and left field sounds, over slick chopped saucy sweet grooves layered over hard concrete drums!!

This album is a journey from the silver wall papered Ultra Lab days in the Bronx to his Forte Greene Brooklyn park jam experiences. This album is highly anticipated and brings the true heads who have been craving the original UltraMagnetic sound to the table!!

Limited colored vinyl pressing, 300 only. This will be one of those records that will find a place in your collection under timeless classic.

J-Zone – Fish-n-Grits Promo-Video

Fish-n-Grits out 4/1/16

Onion Ring Pimp sais:

J-Zone details the making of his 6th solo LP (and 12th overall), Fish-n-Grits, from a musical standpoint. From producing, to brushing up on past instruments; to finding inspiration in unlikely sources like funk 45s and mom and pop drum shops; to demystifying the inner workings of a true independent hip-hop label, it’s a day in the life for J-Zone, self-proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of none.” When asked why he chose to give a candid look at his one-man operation rather than a traditional music video, Zone gave the tongue in cheek answer you might expect from him: “When I do hip-hop hand motions in the camera it doesn’t look convincing – and I don’t own enough outfits.”

Soundtrack : The Story Of the DJ-Official Trailer

DJ Zimmie sais:

Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ is a documentary about the history of DJing. While certain films have chronicled niche aspects of DJing, “Soundtrack” will take viewers through the evolution of radio DJs, turntablists, DJ producers, DJs as part of hip-hop groups, DJs controlling the main stages at some of the world’s biggest festivals and more. Learn more about the film, support and follow the progress at:
@SoundtrackDJDoc on social media

Bay Area Graffiti-1994 Edition-Official Trailer



Blue Sky Films sais:

Bay Area Graffiti features classic graffiti from 1994 showing spots like SF’s own Psycho City (RIP), The Fruitvale Tracks and tons of dope murals from San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley and all over The Bay Area. No interviews, no bios just piece after piece from legendary Bay Area graffiti artists.

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