UTAH & ETHER-Probation Vacation-Lost In Asia Ep. 9 (Korea)-Vimeo #Graffiti

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HOLICK-Croatian Terrain w/ Montana Colors-Vimeo #Graffiti

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Montana Colors sais:

This video comes sent to us from Croatian terrain and stars the writer Holick, here seen bringing to use MTN Speed cans on a freight train.
MTN Speed, conceived for painting fast pieces because both its pressure and coverage power are equal in strength, offers the optimal characteristics for use on surfaces as challenging as freight train metal.
The material comes with courtesy of our Montana Colors distributor in Croatia, CHILL chill.hr/

Desde tierras croatas nos llega este vídeo protagonizado por el escritor Holick, blandiendo los MTN Speed sobre un tren de mercancías.
El MTN Speed, concebido para la realización de piezas rápidas por su balance de presión y cubrición, ofrece unas características que óptimas para su uso sobre un medio tan exigente como lo es la chapa de un tren de mercancías.
Un material por cortesía de nuestro distribuidor de Montana Colors en Croacia, CHILL

DJ Moe Love-Digging In the Tapes (Vol. 1)-Official Trailer

SEEN AT Old To the New

Vinyl Release – July 1

Pritt Kalsi sais:

Music innovator and hard rock funk scientist DJ Moe Love is bringing the true UltraMagnetic sound. Before the Madlib , and J-Dilla movement, nothing was moving funkier and faster in the golden era then UltraMagnetic MC’s!! In the 80’s on the “nine” block on Washington Avenue in the south Bronx at his cousins Patrick and Cedric “Ced-Gee” Miller’s house aka Ultra-Lab, is where Moe Love found his calling as a beat digger, DJ and Producer.

Simultaneously He watched the formation of KRS One and Scott La Rock go from the Celebrity Three to Boogie Down Productions, to aligning with Kool Keith, Ced-Gee,T.R. Love and Original Ronnie T. to become UltraMagnetic MC’s. Moe Love’s early passion for record digging for not just rare jazz, funk and soul breaks but the odd sound library and spoken word records is what helped shape the UltraMagnetic sound!! Moe Love’s sample chops and mastery of the SP 1200 is unmatched and distinctly funky along with his trademark scratches is what keeps the essence of the hip-hop on fire!!!

Moe Love’s sound can be heard on many classics from UltraMagnetic MC’S, Tim Dog, King Tee, BeastieBoys, Dr. Doom, Slaughter House Cartel, Tricky, Demagogue and the Prodigy,

The album picks up where the UltraMagnetic MC’s Four Horsemen album left off!! A collection of unheard SP 1200 floppy discs recorded and professionally mixed that sounds so
organically dope you understand Moe’s importance in Ultra. Moe Love adds his classic rugged scratches , cuts and left field sounds, over slick chopped saucy sweet grooves layered over hard concrete drums!!

This album is a journey from the silver wall papered Ultra Lab days in the Bronx to his Forte Greene Brooklyn park jam experiences. This album is highly anticipated and brings the true heads who have been craving the original UltraMagnetic sound to the table!!

Limited colored vinyl pressing, 300 only. This will be one of those records that will find a place in your collection under timeless classic.

DJ Nu-Mark – Mix on MikiDz Show *Vimeo


MikiDz sais:

DJ Nu-Mark is known for including his famous “toy set” in performances these days, in which he plays children’s music toys as instruments. The Jurassic 5 member took things to a new level on Monday’s MikiDz Show, though, when he pulled out a pair of three-inch turntables mid-way through his set. Mark proceeded to rock the spot in front of a stunned audience, weaving together new and classic material in an unforgettable performance.

SPEED-Need For Speed w/ Montana Colors-Vimeo #Graffiti

Regarding the eternal question of quality versus quantity, some writers have made up their minds: adding up the numbers is the most important thing, and in order to do that, speed is a determinant factor.
That’s the attitude that’s reflected in this video that made it to our inbox, recorded by an anonymous writer on their odyssey through France, Italy, Austria, and Belgium. Speed is their alias, and Speed is their tool.

Respecto a la eterna pregunta de calidad o cantidad algunos escritores lo tienen muy claro: Sumar es lo más importante, y para ello la velocidad es un factor determinante.
Esta actitud es la que refleja este vídeo que ha llegado a nuestras manos, grabado por un escritor anónimo en su odisea por Francia, Italia, Austria y Bélgica. Speed es su alias y Speed su herramienta.

More info: mtn-world.com


MUSIC BY: PNL “Différents”

RAZOR (COS)-The MOLOTOW Train (Germany)-Vimeo #Graffiti


Molotow sais:

Trainwriting is probably the most traditional discipline of the graffiti art movement. The german graffiti art culture has a long history and since the ´80s cities like Dortmund, Munich or Hamburg are well known for its high quality of painted passenger trains. There are many outstanding trainwriters to mention active since and still on to represent their names and crew. One of them is RAZOR and his COLORS ON STEEL (COS) Crew from northern germany, who is active since the early´90s. Everyone interested in german graffiti knows, what kind of graffiti artist this time painted our MOLOTOW Train, not long time ago. We were very honored to host such a legend and we are proud of having him in the family of supported MOLOTOW artists. This is a tribute to his work, quality and endurance during more than 20 years of painting trains with the highest possible quality.