Boiler Room sais:

Brainfeeder homie, beat-scene pioneer and one of the best to ever come out of LA: here’s a half-hour with the ever-unique Samiyam – live from our Stay True Russia show with Ballantine’s.

Slum Village collaborator and one of the finest still doing it from Detroit: here’s towering talent Black Milk with a set of nearly all unreleased originals at our Stay True Russia showcase with Ballantine’s.

The homies Knxwledge and Anderson Paak unveil their latest creative project NxWorries.

KOVSH Beats are the Russian tag-team made up of Fats and Robberhood – here’s them doing the do live from Moscow on their vintage sampler live setup.

DJ Jazzy Jeff sais:

It’s Easter on tour and DJ Jazzy Jeff is in Switzerland. The guys have Easter dinner Vinyl Destination-style on a layover in the Zurich airport. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jay-Z…err…DJ Ferno experience mistaken identity on separate occasions. A star-struck driver is enamored with DJ Ferno, while Jeff’s “brother” hustles his way on stage at the show. After that it’s planes, trains and automobiles from Geneva to Dubai to Amsterdam to Brussels. Sleep-deprived and delirious, the crew copes with the rigorous travel by humoring themselves in some unconventional ways. A wheelchair race and secret handshake later, Skillz offers a PSA to promoters.

Music from this episode:
Streetz On Fire “Cincinati Bengals”

Mr. Green sais:

For this episode we linked up with KG, an incredible reggae artist we met out in the park in Brooklyn. This one is crazy because we recorded the whole song outdoors, just a few minutes after meeting each other. What happened is Sam, the co-creator and OG director of the show, and his girlfriend Ally were walking through the park one day when they heard some amazing singing coming from a group of people hanging out by the lake. They walked over and found KG and his crew ATR (Above the Rest) free-styling. Everyone exchanged numbers and then a few days later Sam brought me down there with some beats. I played KG just one track off my beats album “one day EP” and almost immediately he started singing into the mic “… I was born to be king black…”

I’m proud of this one because, like most of our tracks, it happened in the most organic way possible. But not only, we recorded the whole thing outside on the side of a lake and now they play it the radio (on Sirium XM) and on TV (on MTV Jams)… crazy.

The track is called “Born to Be King” and you can get it on the first
official “Live from the Streets” album out now on Duck Down Records
feat. Freddie Gibbs, Matisyahu,KRS One, Malik B, Vinnie Paz,
Bodega Bamz and many more.

LFTS (for CD’s)
UGHH (for CD’s)

TBO sais:

With summertime almost here, The Black Opera returns alongside their frequent collaborating composer Tall Black Guy with something smooth you can ride to with the windows down in “90z Baby”. This ode to the magic that happens when eras collide features Ro Spit, Scolla, Jamall Bufford and Magestik Legend, who is fresh off the release of his most recent solo album “Legend Has It” ( Make sure you check that out and check this out, perfect for summertime cook outs & house parties.

Random Rap Radio sais:

The unreleased version of Me And My Bitch, mailed to radio and publishing as part of the “B.I.G. MACK” promo package from Bad Boy Entertainment in 1994.

Contains the uncleared Minnie Riperton “Take A Little Trip” sample.

Cover photo by Ernie Paniccioli

Mello Music Group sais:

The evils of the world are given no quarter. She indicts corporate thugs and warmongers, the shamelessly materialistic and musicians who refuse to offer a modicum of substance. Her motivation isn’t to brow beat, but to challenge you to do better—it’s the type of record that can trigger resolutions on any day of the year. It’s a document of racial solidarity and pride, but one that offers an olive branch to anyone down for the cause.

The beats are dusty and suffused with warmth so overwhelming it practically radiates Vitamin D. The gritty drums and hypnotic loops are minimal enough to let Muldrow’s mineral-rich voice fill in the gaps. There’s a timelessness in it’s questioning of age-old human problems, yet it tailors the inquiries towards the issues we currently grapple with on a diurnal basis.

Muldrow uses music as a vessel to inspire hope and propel people towards a better future. Beyond identifying worldly inequities, this record details one woman’s quest to improve things for herself, her children, and everyone else. It’s about finding universal truths, while staying true to one’s essence—transcending the hate and slowly starting to heal.

Nolan is out of Detroit , and if you were looking for records to sample and found a crate full in the damp basement and all the record covers had black mold on them … then this is for you (and me).

All beats produced by Nolan The Ninja
Co-executive produced by Nolan The Ninja & Dart Adams
Mixed & mastered by Nolan The Ninja
Photos by Brandon Damon of AUX Cinema
Art Direction by Nolan The Ninja
Any beat inquiries should be sent to NolanTheNinja[at]gmail[dot]com

Brick Records sais:

“Nightcrawler” is the latest single from the forthcoming sophomore album by Inspectah Deck of Wu-Tang Clan and 7L & Esoteric entitled ‘Every Hero Needs A Villain’, dropping June 16th, 2015!

Pre-order from iTunes here:
*includes two bonus tracks not on CD or LP

Linear Labs sais quite simply:

Get your digital copy at Itunes and your physical cpopies here at our Store.

Run DMC. Big Daddy Kane. Wu-Tang Clan. NWA. The many forefathers of rap came up in a time when all it took to get a crowd moving was a few drum sounds and a maybe sample or two. What they birthed was the purest form of Hip Hop. “Love and Happiness” is an ode to this era, a time where artists tapped into the versatility of words, writing rhymes that not only documented their surroundings, but were often carefree and braggadocios. The underground shows and cyphers constituted arenas where names were made and reputations were built, where careers were won and lost. It wasn’t about the catchiest hook or the craziest persona—none of that mattered if you couldn’t go bar for bar.

Over production from FORTY7 and an Al Green sample, we capture the essence of that time while imprinting our modern style onto it. This song is not about being stuck in the past, but paying homage to the greats as we embrace the evolution of the genre we love. We couldn’t be here without the legends, but it’s our turn to take the torch.

This is Hip Hop.