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Droog’s “The NICEST EP” out 7/17

Rome sais:

Independence Day is a three-piece set released the week of the same holiday and also an independent release. Although all of the songs are produced by one Baltimore, MD producer E. Hill., each track has a diverse sound and topic.

Off of Al’s “Retarded Alligator Beats” project . It’s all unreleased Alchemist beats with the lone vocal coming from the track above . It’s out 7/10 . If you buy the vinyl (with crayons included to color the cover) from UGHH they ship it before the release date here UGHH You can also pre-order from AppleTunes but I’m not posting that link because it’s easily findable.

The Black Opera is continuing to stay busy with solo releases and as a collective. On the heels of Magestik Legend’s new full length, and a new single from Jamall Bufford, The Black Opera joins forces once again to deliver their brand of raw rap, over production composed in-house by the collective on “Sacred Cow”.

In an era where the idea of justice remains in question, these questions linger as well: Who can you trust? Who can you believe in? Those questions apply to “the system” and to rap music in 2015. “Sacred Cow” is The Black Opera’s way of answering those questions. This heater features verses from TBO members Jamall Bufford, Magestik Legend, Obie Iyoha, and introduces TBO’s newest voice: Johnny Void.
Beat made by Magestik Legend
Drums sequenced by Jamall Bufford

I’m a huge Redman fan and I’ve waited a long time for some ‘ish like this from him . Dope beat and bars . Gilla House Ya’ Heard .

Off Redman’s upcoming ‘The Preload’ album. Subscribe to Redman’s official FunkDocTV channel for more music video premieres, behind the scenes and more

The legendary Stretch & Bobbito show is known worldwide thanks to word of mouth and tape trading that allowed shows to move around the globe in places they probably never imagined . They’re currently working on a documentary for the masses but until it’s release they’ve reached into their own private stash and put together this 25 track playlist including the 1 hour long Wu-Tang Clan appearance . LISTEN

Roseville Music sais:

Joell Ortiz does what he does best on this bass-heavy !llmind produced banger. If you feel offended, it’s probably directed towards you. This is the 1st single from Joell Ortiz & !llmind’s up-coming ‘Human’ album, due out July 17th 2015.

J Conzo from the Bronx posted this and has this to say:

Diggin in the crates found this rare recording of The Cold Crush Brothers at Harlem World 1982. All the routines and some free styling from the Pillars of Hip Hop The Cold Crush Brothers!!

Mind Fusion: African Earwax by Madlib on Mixcloud

Seen at

Rappcats sais:

Madlib has a new mixtape called Mind Fusion: African Earwax. He made 30 copies of these on CD, each of which was being given an individual hand-drawn cover by Jason Jagel and sold at the Doomsday Show at Rappcats, June 20, 2015 . This is the first mix on Madlib’s Mixcloud page .

Mind Fusion began as a five-volume mixtape series, released 2004-2007. These mixtape CD releases bare no label or address, just the name “Madlib” designed like the Tamla Records logo. Vol 1 and Vol 4 contain production from Madlib. Vol 2 is a jazz mix. Vol 3 and Volume 5 are mixes of records from around the world. Liner notes in each volume, from authors such as Thurston Moore, Vaclav Havel, LeRoi Jones, and Lungston Hughes, range from essays on jazz, a Los Angeles guides, poems, tips on making bombs at home.

Off of The Mad Rapper’s “Appreciate The Hate Vol.3″ out in July