United Crates-Alchemix (1st Infantry 10th Anniversary)-10yrs Of Alchemist ’04-’14 *Mix

UpNorthTrips sais:

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Alchemist’s debut solo, 1st Infantry To celebrate A-L-C’s decade of dope, we put together ten years worth of Alc bangers, from 2004- 20134. For each year, we picked one of our favorite Alc joints (not easy to do) and put together our own, Alchemix.

Tick Tock – Nas ft. Prodigy
Year: 2004
Album: 1st Infantry

Thug Love – Remy Ma ft. Big Pun
Year: 2005
Album: Something About Remy Ma

Wet Wipes – Cam’ron
Year: 2006
Album: Killa Season

Stuck on You – Prodigy
Year: 2007
Album: Return of The Mac

The Far left – Evidence ft. Alchemist & Fashawn
Year: 2008
Album: The Far Left

Lose Your Life – Snoop Dogg ft. Jadakiss, Pusha T
Year: 2009
Album: Chemical Warfare

Big Beat – Raekwon
Year: 2010
Album: Cocanism Vol. 2

Scottie Pippen – Currensy ft. Freddie Gibbs
Year: 2011
Album: Covert Coupe

Bitch I Deserve You – Action Bronson ft. Alchemist
Year: 2012
Album: Rare Chandeliers

Moochie – Boldy James
Year: 2013
Album: My 1st Chemistry Set

Break The Bank – Schoolboy Q
Year: 2014
Album: Oxymoron

Jean Grae-That’s Not How You Do That-An Instructional Album For Adults

Jean sais:

Why don’t you know how to operate in the world? What’s wrong with you? This album with 10 songs, will tackle such issues as “No One Cares About Your Phone Conversation,” “Keep To The Right, Dammit” and “A Handle Means Pull” PLUS MUCH MORE! Play it for people. We have to do better.


Enjoy and Be Educated #1425-The Allowance Money Mix (Pt 4) (Old School Hip-Hop)

Enjoy and Be Educated #1425: The Allowance Money Mix, Part 4 | Download

TDU1200 sais:

Join us for another trip down memory lane as we dive deeper into our collections with our 4th entry into “The Allowance Money Mix” series. Curated from our private stash, we unearth some rare hip-hop on record with a 2 hour set of classic beats, rhymes and cuts. With artists such as MC Shy D, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, T La Rock and The Funky 4 +1, we’re proud to showcase the highs in your eyes and the bass in your face. As always, enjoy and be educated.

01. Funky 4 +1 – “That’s the Joint”
02. Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 – “Jazzy Sensation”
03. Chubb Rock – “Ya Bad Chubbs”
04. DJ Jazzy Jeff – “A Touch of Jazz”
05. King Sun – “Snakes”
06. MC Shy D – “So Take That”
07. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth – “Funky Technician”
08. Lord Shafiyq – “My Mic is on Fire”
09. MC Watchout & DJ OZ – “My Tom Tom”
10. Mikey D & The L.A. Posse – “My Telephone”
11. T La Rock – “Scratch Monopoly”
12. Black, Rock N Ron – “That’s How I’m Livin’”
13. The Juice Crew – “Juice Crew All Stars”
14. JVC Force – “Strong Island”
15. MC Shan – “Down By Law”
16. Extra Curricular – “I’m Tee Love”
17. Kid N’ Play – “Last Night”
18. MC Mitchski – “Brooklyn Blew Up the Bridge”
19. Loose J & The Master Of Wax – “Hi Lo Cut”
20. The Classical Two – “Rap’s New Generation”
21. Spyder D & DJ Doc – “I Can’t Wait (To Rock The Mic)”
22. Ice-T – “Ya Played Yourself”
23. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – “AM/PM”
24. The Show Boys – “Drag Rap”
25. The Treacherous 3 Feat. Spoonie Gee – “The New Rap Language”