Take Me Away Fast (Digging In West Africa)-Directed by Leigh Iacobucci

Leigh sais:

“Take Me Away Fast”, a film about a DJ who journeys throughout West Africa to discover rare, vinyl recordings of Afro-beat and Afro-funk music. I found Frank’s blog online (www.voodoofunk.com) and fell in love with this music and the stories he wrote about. I knew right away that I wanted this to be my next adventure. Within 6 weeks of discovering his website, I bought a plane ticket to Ghana and suddenly, I was in Accra, with all of my video equipment on my back. It felt a bit nuts to fly there to meet a DJ that I didn’t know, that I would follow around for 5 weeks looking for old records, but it worked. Together, we traveled throughout Ghana, across Togo and all over Benin. The result is this film, which has been funded entirely by my credit card over the last year and a half. After spending over 900 hours of my free time working on this film


Goldie-Return to The Bronx w/ ARTA Trains *Graffiti *Vimeo


After a 29 year hiatus, musician/artist Goldie returned to his artistic roots in The Bronx.
He first visited the area in 1985 during the golden era of hip hop and subsequently stayed on living with members of the notorious Tats Cru.
This era would see Goldie painting graffiti onto New York subway cars, fighting rival writers in rat filled tunnels and exploring the decaying Bronx.

This is part of a few clips from ARTA Trains . Above of course is Goldie and below Tats Cru talk (peep the classic graffiti looks from the early 80’s) .