DJ Format-Psych Out-Mix

DJ Format sais:

The idea for this compilation came about because of my search for a rare psych/funk 7″ that isn’t even included here! My friend DJ Oneofakind played me the said record and I totally lost my mind. Some months later after a lot of asking around and searching online, a copy turned up on for a painful amount of money. I contacted the seller to ask a couple of questions and it turned out I was talking to Jake Holloway, BBE’s in-house designer. I’d loosely known Jake for a few years through mutual friends so we quickly arranged a time to meet and take care of business. Jake told me he’d offered the 7″ to a few other DJ/collector friends but they’d passed on it as it was ‘too heavy’ for them. This got us talking about my love for psych records with a funky slant and I explained my frustration at buying so many records that fit that description, that were ‘too heavy’ to play at my typical DJ gigs. Jake had the perfect solution: “why don’t you do a compilation of funky, fuzzed-out psych stuff for BBE?
Psych Out is released June 10th on Vinyl, CD and digital.

DJ Chief-Special Reserve Bboy Breaks-LP *Full Stream

Chief sais:

Massive shoutout to the international Hip-Hop community, and thanks to the bboys, bgirls, and especially the DJs for your continued support!
Special thanks to Bboy Ynot, DJ Gamra, DJ Just-A-Kid, DJ Flash, and Benito Turntable for the dope intro drops!
Through the music, we’re connecting across borders and trying to help build a world full of peace, love, unity, and having fun for everyone!


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DJ Woody w/ Boca 45-BOCAWOODY NW/SW EP1 *Snippets

All tracks Written/Crafted & Produced by Boca 45 (S.Hendy) & DJ Woody (L Woodvine)in the Depths of North West & South West England in 2015/16.

Limited Edited VINYL bundle:…dition-bundle

A chance meeting, Two English guys strike up conversation early one morning at a tiny airport somewhere in Romania, initially under the guise of gate number small-talk but more likely due to the pairs equally record-sized hand luggage. Scott (Boca 45) and Lee (DJ Woody) happened to be DJing different events the night before, as the conversation spilled onto the plane miraculously the pair found they were seated next to each other on their next 2 flights back to Blighty. It turns out that the pair have mutual friends & acquaintances as well as a mutual respect for each others works. From chance meeting to coincidental seating, this was the birth of the BocaWoody NW/SW collaboration.

With no fixed agenda the pair decided to have fun with the project and let it take shape organically. They set about playing to each of their strengths, jamming with vintage synths and classic drum machines and reworking found sounds in their own signature way. The sound they arrived at undeniably stems from the pairs deep hip hop roots but is something fresh, musically diverse and playful. The NW/SW EP delivers 6 tracks ranging from Bboy breaks, electro workouts, scratched up dusty funk to eery eastern soundtracks.

The EP drops in the form of a killer physical package. This includes a limited green vinyl 7″ with the banging uptempo Bboy break ‘Ready 2 Rock’ on the A side and bass-driven club-friendly neck-snapper ‘Hard Core’ on the B side. As a bonus treat for the turntablists there is also a ‘skip-proof’ scratch sentence on each side of the 7″. The record comes with 2 CDs, one containing the full EP, the other an exclusive 1 hour mix from the boys.
Also included is a limited edition high quality art print of the EP artwork, ‘The Hands’ illustration, inspired by the music and created especially by the incredible British artist Mike Winnard. Add to this full a quality digital download of the EP and instrumentals and it’s a bumper package.

DJ Mr Thing-Sampled Library Music-Mix

Photo Credit : Stolen Records / Robin Hearfield
Photo Credit : Stolen Records / Robin Hearfield

Mr Thing sais:

I was asked earlier this year to do a mix for my good friend Boba Fatt for his 100th show on Itch FM and he said I could do whatever I liked! So decided to do something different from the Hip Hop mixes and do a mix of some rare and not so rare sampled library records which I have been collecting for years and was taught a great deal about by my friend Mark B. Basically Library Music was set up to be used as the background music for TV shows, and a lot of the good stuff ended up in shows such as The Sweeney. I’ve remastered this since it went out on air and my man Tarl/DJ Mofingaz did the artwork … Enjoy!

Breakbeat Lou-Stones Throw Podcast 93-Mix (45’s) #New

Photo Credit : Passionweiss
Photo Credit : Passionweiss

Stones Throw sais:

We couldn’t let the summer end without a new Stones Throw podcast. This is a mix of funk & soul 45s, mixed live by Louis “BreakBeat Lou” Flores, creator of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilation series (1986-1991, Street Beat Records).

Lou is traveling to Europe for the very first time, for a few shows with Peanut Butter Wolf. The two will each spin all-45, 7-inch single DJ sets.

Aug. 20: BreakBeat Lou, PB Wolf in London at Jazz Cafe
Aug. 21: BreakBeat Lou, PB Wolf in Cork at Cypress Avenue
Aug. 22: BreakBeat Lou, PB Wolf in Stafford at V Festival
Aug. 23: BreakBeat Lou, PB Wolf in Chelmsford at V Festival
Aug. 24: BreakBeat Lou, PB Wolf in Manchester at Sound Control Fest
Aug. 29: BreakBeat Lou, PB Wolf in Dublin at Sugar Club

The Diggers Union-The Crate Discovery (Japan) Pt. 2-Mix


TDU1200 sais:

Welcome to the second installment of The Crate Discovery, our brand new bi-weekly music series here at The Diggers Union. Every other Wednesday you will receive a brand new mix from either myself or Unexpected, highlighting many of the records that don’t make it to air on our weekly radio show, Enjoy and Be Educated. With so many records in our crates and such a short window of time to play them, Unexpected and I knew we had to do something extra so these leftovers wouldn’t get lost in the sauce. Each mix will be 10-tracks, and will be made available for download. Each mix will also be uploaded to our official MixCloud account, so you can stream them directly from your iPhone/Android device. Unexpected and I also encourage you to share these mixes with your friends, and post them on your music site.

For this installment of The Crate Discovery we continue our musical journey to Japan, highlighting 10 more tracks from the Land of the Rising Sun. Featuring Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited, Takahashi Chikuzan, Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Ryo Fukui and others. As always, enjoy and be educated.