HipHop can be Unforgiving!

I was thinking about things i like and interest me that in an HipHop enviroment may have people looking at me suspect.

Myself i like TV a lot.I watch a ton of TV shows.I like Johnny Cash a bit.I also will listen to any Pink Floyd album just as much as Wu-Tang Clan but i still consider my self a HipHop head.

Do you have an example of something somebody might mconsider suspect about you?

Goodwill HipHop

Its amazing the things people throw away.It seems like things that may remind people of past bad memories or a phase in someones life are discarded as if they no longer matter.

Today i was more than happy to collect those memories.One mans trash truly is another mans treasure.

HipHop means a lot to me going back to the first time i heard a boom bap beat and i have always seemed to be on a never ending quest to collect HipHop cd’s that i have had or lost or never did get but now want.

Today at the Goodwill i got these

DJ Doo Wop-95 Live-Mixtape


Considered by many and even voted the “Best Mixtape Ever” is here for you to listen to and DL.Don’t be caught without a copy.


2.Representin’ The Bronx – DooWop
3.Representin’ Central Islip – Keith Murray
4.Representin’ Queens – Q-Tip
5.Representin’ Uniondale – Busta Rhymes
6.Representin’ Brooklyn – Rampage
7.Representin’ The Bronx – Fat Joe
8.Representin’ The Bronx – Uneek
9.Representin’ Brooklyn – Guru (R.I.P.)
10.Representin’ Brooklyn – M.O.P.
11.Representin’ Staten Island – Wu-Tang Clan
12.Representin’ Brooklyn and Uptown – Ill Al Scratch
13.Ah Yeah – Krs-One
14.To The Death – M.O.P.
15.Funky Piano – E. Bros
16.Redrum – Nine
17.Don’t Shut Down On A Player – Ill Al Scratch
18.In My Lifetime – Jay-Z
19.Brooklyn Zoo – Old Dirty Bastard
20.What The BloodClot – Method Man
21.Total – Can’t You See
22.Black Moon – Headz Ain’t Redee
24.Boriquas On The Set – Frankie Cutlass ft. Fat Joe, Doo Wop
25.Shook Ones Part II – Mobb Deep
26.Group Home – Supa Star
27.!-2 Pass It- D D All Stars
28.Cosmic Slop – Erick Sermon ft. Keith Murray, Redman
29.How’s That – Erick Sermon ft. Keith Murray, Redman
30.Gimme The Loot – Notorious B.I.G
31.Smif-N-Wessun – PNC
32.Doo Wop Freestyle
33.One On One- Nas
34.Cant’ Wait – Redman
35.Check The Method – Lord Finesse
36.Big Poppa (rmx) – Notorious B.I.G.
37.I Wanna Be Down (rmx) – Brandy ft. MC Lyte, Yo Yo Queen Latifah
38.I Wanna Be Down (doo wop remix) – Doo Wop ft. Fat Joe, Akinyele, Prettyboy Floyd , Lord Tariq