Loyalty Digital-The WWE-P

Loyalty Digital sais:

Imagine Mixing Wrestling, Rap, Storytelling and a little bit of comedy on one project. Today is your lucky day because THE WWE-P is filled with all of that and more. The 7 song EP features Sadat X, Punchline, Skyzoo, Torae, Maffew Ragazino, Cortez & More spitting over some dope beats made using wrestling theme songs. Production was handled by Local-Mu12 Members Real McKoy, MoodsandVibrations, James Moore & Fokeezy. The project is available for free download.

Mark Henry-Interview w/ Peter Rosenberg (Wrestling With Rosenberg) *Video

Wow– Mark Henry reveals his future plans and talks about his relationships with Owen Hart, Yokozuna, the current locker room and much more. He also gives his history in the business and talks about being sent to Calgary as punishment and a learning experience. He also gives his number 1 wrestler of all time and it is not Austin, Hogan, or the Rock!

CM Punk & Paul Heyman-Interview w/ Peter Rosenberg *Video #WrestlingWithRosenberg

Just before WrestleMania 29, Rosenberg sits down to get an exclusive interview with CM Punk!

Just before WrestleMania 29, Rosenberg sits down to get an exclusive interview with Paul Heyman.

Rosenberg Interviews Cena,Mark Henry,and Punk again

Rosenberg gets to check in with the stars that will be appearing at the NY/NJ WrestleMania 29. Cena, CM Punk, Mark Henry, and The Rock all have big expectations for this years event.


Smoke DZA-My Favorite Wrestler w/ Sermons Domain *Vimeo

Hip-Hop and wrestling have this sort of unspoken bond that connects through the lyrics, concepts, song titles, videos, etc. It’s evident that plenty of rappers were fans of the entertaining sport at some point in their life, so bridging a new gap is Sermon’s Domain’s My Favorite Wrestler segment. An artist steps into the ring to discuss their favorite wrestler as well as several other factors (moments, matches, feuds, slogans and impact the wrestler had on their career).

The first installment features a Harlemite who has made his love for wrestling clear through songs like “New Jack” and “Lo Horsemen.” Smoke Dza sat down with SD in the back room of Recess clothing store in the U-District in Seattle a couple weeks ago. His favorite is arguably the best wrestler of all time with a career that has spawned over 30 years and still continues today. Say your prayers, eat your vitamins and watch it above.