Giallo Point-Spy Hunt In Vienna-Beat Tape

I’ve posted Giallo’s work here before . H’s on a digging and sonic level that I like . I’m all in on the old crime samples , horns , drums , dialogue , and more . Don’t let this one slip by without giving it a proper listen .

Crate Divizion’s giallo Point Releases A Crime Spy Tale Of Sinister Beats For The Winter.

araabMUZIK-How to Make… “Flex” w/ FACT Mag *Video

Note : Look at those fresh scars on araab’s arm from his recent shooting

FACT sais:

Let’s face it – no one does it like AraabMuzik.

The Rhode Island producer got his start making beats for Cam’ron’s Dipset label in 2006, and his breakthrough 2011 mixtape Electronic Dream is one of the 10 best albums of the decade so far.

Since then he’s worked with A$AP Rocky, Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent and released his debut album Dream World despite being shot on two occasions. He’s also regarded to be one of the best producers in hip-hop today for his unique way with the MPC sampler.

We linked up with AraabMuzik in his studio in the Bronx for the latest episode of our How To Make A Track series. During the session he gave us a detailed, step-by-step masterclass on the techniques and methods he used to produce ‘Flex’, a collaboration track with Fabolous and Tory Lanez.

Jorun Bombay-Hot Summer Day-EP

Jorun sais:

This is an Single E.P. with bonus remixes. Original version appeared on Jorun Bombay’s Funkbox Reload Summer Solstice 2016 Edition. This EP has bonus and different mixes.
NOTE : This EP contains hidden bonus Jorun Bombay remixes which are not streamable but will come with purchase. 5 Tracks total. 3 on display, 2 hidden. (To avoid stream rippers)

Produced by Jorun Bombay
Additional instruments :
Devon Floyd – Bass
Michael Nahirnak – Guitar
Forrest Dank – Rhodes

Da Beatminerz-Rhythm Roulette w/ Mass Appeal *Video

Mass Appeal sais:

There’s a reason Rhythm Roulette can skew towards the old and dusty hip hop producers of the late ’90s: that’s when sample cutting and crate-digging were the foremost currency of cool. Da Beatminerz were legends in that game, the architects behind OG NYC sounds, from Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage and Smif-N-Wessun’s Da Shinin’, among many others. We took a visit to Da Beatminerz’s apartment/headquarters in eastern Brooklyn to watch Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee cook up a few beats, working in close collaboration for the most part. It’s a family affair at the crib, and the beat has all the influence of their rugged NY sound, with an upbeat angle that shows how far they’ve come.

DJ Moe Love-Digging In the Tapes (Vol. 1)-Official Trailer

SEEN AT Old To the New

Vinyl Release – July 1

Pritt Kalsi sais:

Music innovator and hard rock funk scientist DJ Moe Love is bringing the true UltraMagnetic sound. Before the Madlib , and J-Dilla movement, nothing was moving funkier and faster in the golden era then UltraMagnetic MC’s!! In the 80’s on the “nine” block on Washington Avenue in the south Bronx at his cousins Patrick and Cedric “Ced-Gee” Miller’s house aka Ultra-Lab, is where Moe Love found his calling as a beat digger, DJ and Producer.

Simultaneously He watched the formation of KRS One and Scott La Rock go from the Celebrity Three to Boogie Down Productions, to aligning with Kool Keith, Ced-Gee,T.R. Love and Original Ronnie T. to become UltraMagnetic MC’s. Moe Love’s early passion for record digging for not just rare jazz, funk and soul breaks but the odd sound library and spoken word records is what helped shape the UltraMagnetic sound!! Moe Love’s sample chops and mastery of the SP 1200 is unmatched and distinctly funky along with his trademark scratches is what keeps the essence of the hip-hop on fire!!!

Moe Love’s sound can be heard on many classics from UltraMagnetic MC’S, Tim Dog, King Tee, BeastieBoys, Dr. Doom, Slaughter House Cartel, Tricky, Demagogue and the Prodigy,

The album picks up where the UltraMagnetic MC’s Four Horsemen album left off!! A collection of unheard SP 1200 floppy discs recorded and professionally mixed that sounds so
organically dope you understand Moe’s importance in Ultra. Moe Love adds his classic rugged scratches , cuts and left field sounds, over slick chopped saucy sweet grooves layered over hard concrete drums!!

This album is a journey from the silver wall papered Ultra Lab days in the Bronx to his Forte Greene Brooklyn park jam experiences. This album is highly anticipated and brings the true heads who have been craving the original UltraMagnetic sound to the table!!

Limited colored vinyl pressing, 300 only. This will be one of those records that will find a place in your collection under timeless classic.

Kanye West-Beat Tape (Sept. ’97) *UNRELEASED

IF , that’s if , this is real then you’ve seen me say here many times that I always like when the power of the net provides things like this . It gives you a look into an artists process before or during their run . This is allegedly an early Kanye beat tape from 1997 when he was 20 years old .Who knows how many of these he made and lost ? Or maybe it was his cousin that stupid muthafucker . He had already been making runs to New York to try and get on , and ripping freestyle sessions at Fat Beats before that but that was rapping . Listen in on a partial history of his on the boards .