Hall & Oates-Talk Sampling In Hip-Hop w/ Sway In the Morning *Video

De La


Jack White w/ Q-Tip “Excursions” (Live at MSG)-Video

During Jack’s show at MSG at this past week Q-Tip joined Jack to perform Jack’s song “That Black Bat Licorice” off of Lazaretto , and then at 3:40 into the video Jack and his band return the favor for Excursions.

Pink Floyd & Dead Prez-They Schools-CHEATCODE RMX #NewMusic


“From Nas to Aerosmith to Johnny Cash and Nina Simone, Massachusetts producer CHEATCODE is a chemist when he breathes new life into songs you’d think couldn’t normally be joined together. Blending the Brooklyn duo Dead Prez with English rockers Pink Floyd and their classic hit, “Another Brick In the Wall (Pt.II)” his take on “They Schools” is as entertaining as much as it is introspective. As the hard hitting instrumental creeps up to a banging verse that touches on the issues associated with the present day eduction system, it’s important to note that, though the songs were recorded nearly a generation apart, the themes still are applicable to this day. Give this one a play through and remember that education is what you make it.”