DJ Matman (for Wax Poetics)-Reasonable Doubt 20th Anniversary Mix

There is a tracklist for this that you can find but who needs it ? Plus if yyou don’t know them , do you really want to know the sample sources ? Enjoy the mix .

Wax Poetics sais:

To mark the 20th anniversary of Jay Z’s classic debut LP ‘Reasonable Doubt’, our buddy DJ Matman has put together this fine mixtape featuring album tracks, alternate versions, interview snippets, and original sample material.

DJ Format-Psych Out-Mix

DJ Format sais:

The idea for this compilation came about because of my search for a rare psych/funk 7″ that isn’t even included here! My friend DJ Oneofakind played me the said record and I totally lost my mind. Some months later after a lot of asking around and searching online, a copy turned up on for a painful amount of money. I contacted the seller to ask a couple of questions and it turned out I was talking to Jake Holloway, BBE’s in-house designer. I’d loosely known Jake for a few years through mutual friends so we quickly arranged a time to meet and take care of business. Jake told me he’d offered the 7″ to a few other DJ/collector friends but they’d passed on it as it was ‘too heavy’ for them. This got us talking about my love for psych records with a funky slant and I explained my frustration at buying so many records that fit that description, that were ‘too heavy’ to play at my typical DJ gigs. Jake had the perfect solution: “why don’t you do a compilation of funky, fuzzed-out psych stuff for BBE?
Psych Out is released June 10th on Vinyl, CD and digital.

DJ Nu-Mark – Mix on MikiDz Show *Vimeo


MikiDz sais:

DJ Nu-Mark is known for including his famous “toy set” in performances these days, in which he plays children’s music toys as instruments. The Jurassic 5 member took things to a new level on Monday’s MikiDz Show, though, when he pulled out a pair of three-inch turntables mid-way through his set. Mark proceeded to rock the spot in front of a stunned audience, weaving together new and classic material in an unforgettable performance.

King Otto-Breaks 101 (Live From Latitude)-Mix

King Otto sais:

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while; I stacked up a bunch of 45s with breaks on them, put them in an order that I thought would work and went for it. The result is 30 minutes and 102 drum breaks off of 101 45s. It’s a mix of dollar bin records and not so dollar records and comes complete with plenty of snap, crackles and pops, you know, love bites. This mix wasn’t made with cue points or sync buttons or downloaded music, this is the culmination of hours (decades) of practicing and studying music and hundreds (thousands) of dollars traveling and collecting 45s. Its an exhausting way to Dj, but it was dumb fun to make! Stay tuned for volume II!

DJ Prestige-Psychological Effects of Beats & Other Drums-Mix

Flea Market Funk sais:

For a long time, we’ve been into beat tapes and instrumental beat mixes. As our record pile grows bigger, we’ve been holding on to a bunch of off center, beat oriented records for a mix. So here’s an impromptu, all live, one take mix of some of those records. What are the psychological effects of beats and other drums on your mind? Possibly combined with external factors or just normal listening, we’re fascinated on how music makes one feel. The common thread that these tracks have is the drum. Whether it’s instrumental hip hop, early electronic pioneers, present day prog rock, future bass, turntablism, original soundtracks, free jazz, and beyond, the common thread in each of these records is the drum. Each one of these artists uses the drum in their own, unique way. So sit back, relax, put your headphones on and take a trip and feel the effects of the drum. If you dig, please feel free to pass on to a friend.

DJ Grandmaster Flowers-Brooklyn Park Jam (1979)

Time and time again somebody somewhere finds these recordings that they long forgot they had buried in a box in their house or elsewhere . The internet can be a treasure trove for tons of these and once again another gem has been unearthed . For those that don’t know , the main thing associated with Grandmaster Flowers is his opening as a DJ for James Brown in Yankee Stadium in the late 60’s . We all know the names of the pioneers of Hip-Hop . Many of them credit Flowers as an influence to them even though he never achieved the recognition that most did . Enjoy this historical Hip-Hop archive . Turn it on and let your mind wonder back to 1979 with Bboys and Bgirls , Graffiti , the smells of food , and sounds of music and laughter and fun .



Listen to those that were there tell you about DJ Grandmaster Flowers

The Gaslamp Killer-XLR8R Podcast 437-Mix

Free official DL HERE

XLR8R sais:

There aren’t many electronic musicians alive today—and he’s almost not alive today after a near-fatal scooter accident in July, 2013—that possess the same aurora and pure fan wonderment that William Bensussen (a.k.a. The Gaslamp Killer) does. His worldly, psychedelic musical offerings pull from a wide-ranging pool of influences, from Turkish psych to Ethiopic jazz, Middle-Eastern rare grooves and beyond, and have landed on labels such as Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup, and his own Gaslamp Killer Music. A founding member of LA’s notorious, genre-bending collective and club night Low End Theory, Bensussen’s chops behind the decks match that of his production output, resulting in a frenzied and often polarizing melting pot of disparate rhythms and bass-heavy beats. A true digger, Bensussen’s record collection is rumoured to be sitting around the 14,000 mark and his mixtapes are some of the most eclectic and celebrated in electronic music.