Step Brothers (Evidence & Alchemist)-ILL Time w/ Mass Appeal *Video

On this episode of ILL Time, we travel back in time to one gnarly session for the ages. Out in Lake Tahoe, circa the 1980, Evidence and Alchemist come together to broadcast a legendary skate contest, “Upland Skate Masters”. One full day of hardcore ripping for the ladies and gents of Nor Cal.

Cappadonna-Winter Warz-Video w/ Doggie Diamonds

Wu-Tang Clan’s Cappadonna has joined forces with Outbreak Boards to release “The Winter Warz”line. The collection will showcase his iconic “Killa Bee” logo and legendary verses on various designs which can be purchased at and selected stores.

“Since the official launch of my skateboard line with Outbreak has been successful since the summer Killa Bee line. We are receiving orders from all over the world. I believe its time to continue bringing new flavors to the masses. With the new launch of Winter Warz I wanted to also give the skateboard line some street flavor. This is a wave movement!” Cappadonna stated.

Cappadonna recently released the double disc CD Eyrth, Wynd, and Fyre, his seventh solo album. Wu-Tang Clan is touring to promote their 20th Anniversary. The Wu-Tang Clan is one of the most iconic groups in Hip Hop history. The group’s debut album, 1993’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), established the Staten Island, New York collective as one of rap’s most promising groups. Cappadonna is also releasing his most anticipated album to date The Pillage 2 in 2014.

Israel “Reefa” Hernandez-This Is the Graffiti Police Killed Him For *Video


18 year old skateboarder draws an “R” on a building. Cops taser him to death.
Here Is the Graffiti That Got Israel “Reefa” Hernandez Killed
And here are some photos of the run-down McDonald’s architectural gem that he was caught tagging on Tuesday morning.

Riptide broke the story of 18-year-old skateboarder Israel Hernandez getting fatally Tasered by Miami Beach cops for tagging an abandoned building.

Afterward, our article was flooded with more than 500 comments. Many expressed sadness. Others, outrage. But some labeled Hernandez a “vandal” who “got what he deserved.”

So we went to see the precise extent of Hernandez’s vandalism. Here it is, all three inches of it.

Hernandez, known as “Reefa,” never got very far into tagging his name on an abandoned McDonald’s on Collins Avenue before cops began chasing him. The “R” matches some of his tags found around town.

But lest you get depressed thinking that cops would chase a teenager to his death over scribbling something so small on a public eyesore already plastered with posters and campaign advertisements, here is something else to focus on: the love of his friends.

Shepard Fairey (Obey)-Vinyl Collection-CRATE DIGGERS w/ Fuse *Video

In this episode, “Obey” street artist Shepard Fairey talks about Ice Cube pumping him up, the intersection of hip hop and skate culture, and the creation of his alter ego, DJ Diabetic.

Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections.

Ian Reid-All Together-Mini Doc #NSFW

What does BDSM, boobs, a live chicken, tractor trailers, and Joe Budden at a pajama jammy jam have in common with skaters Ishod Weir, Elijah Cole, and Torey Pudwill?

They’re all phenomena captured by the lens of skater/photographer Ian Reid in this short film entitled “All Together” which documents his road trip from Alaska to NYC. His trip was apparently weird and awesome; the footage is set to Mandrill’s “Peace and Love (Movement IV),” the song Kanye sampled for “Two Words.”

Do yourself a favor and don’t watch this in your cubicle if you’re already on thin ice with your boss or the HR department.-Timmhotep-Mass Appeal

Bones Brigade-An Autobiography-Official Trailer

“Skate documentary “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” tells the story of engineer George Powell; skater turned filmmaker Stacy Peralta; the company the two started, Powell Peralta; and Bones Brigade, the team they assembled that revolutionized skateboarding in the early ’80s.

Comprised of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill, Bones Brigade became international superstars who helped save skating from becoming  fad with popular videos like The Search For Animal Chin and The Bones Brigade Video Show. The film assembles the players in the Powell Peralta/ Bones Brigade story to give firsthand accounts of their experiences an is a must watch for any fan of skating who’s been down before there was even such a thing as “action sports.””-MA

Buy the Bones Brigade documentary or check the Bones Brigade site for info on upcoming screenings near you.



Way before Zoo York gravitated into the realm that Eckō Ltd. stepped into in 2000 (i.e. “the mainstream”), they were known for being deeply saturated in Hip-Hop culture. To the Hip-Hop purist, the name summons memories of graffiti splattered over subway cars in New York City. They were also profoundly submerged in core skateboarding culture as well, with greats like Harold Hunter (R.I.P.), Jeff Pang and Vinny Ponte representing the team / brand / culture. In 1998, they released their first video titled Zoo York Mixtape I on VHS, which married Hip-Hop music (and video footage from ’93 & ’94) with skate footage filmed in 1997.

The video starts off with a vignette of the late, great DJ Roc Raida (of the world famous X-Ecutioners) cutting and juggling like only he knows how, then segues into Jeff Pang’s Mix (part) accompanied with footage of a pre-Terror Squad Fat Joe freestyling with the hilarious & shocking Keith Nut. The freestyle footage was recorded by Eli Genser while lurking at the Stretch & Bobbito show (back when Stretch Armstrong was known as DJ Skinny Bones). Eli Gesner is to blame for the loss of lots of classic Hip-Hop video footage that many would die to see these days, including the acclaimed Jay-Z & Big L freestyle and Large Professor writing a rhyme and freestyling it for the first time before it became his verse for Main Source’s Live At The BBQ. Shame on him!

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