araabMUZIK-How to Make… “Flex” w/ FACT Mag *Video

Note : Look at those fresh scars on araab’s arm from his recent shooting

FACT sais:

Let’s face it – no one does it like AraabMuzik.

The Rhode Island producer got his start making beats for Cam’ron’s Dipset label in 2006, and his breakthrough 2011 mixtape Electronic Dream is one of the 10 best albums of the decade so far.

Since then he’s worked with A$AP Rocky, Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent and released his debut album Dream World despite being shot on two occasions. He’s also regarded to be one of the best producers in hip-hop today for his unique way with the MPC sampler.

We linked up with AraabMuzik in his studio in the Bronx for the latest episode of our How To Make A Track series. During the session he gave us a detailed, step-by-step masterclass on the techniques and methods he used to produce ‘Flex’, a collaboration track with Fabolous and Tory Lanez.

Ka-Just-Official Video

Video direction / animation by Kyle Samuels
Each and every time Ka releases a new project we who know get a big fucking perma grin on our face because you don’t have to listen to know that it’s packed full of dense sound and dope rhymes . You never use a fast forward on any Ka release . This man will even sell to you personally at the old Other Music store just like he always does . If you have disposable then join us for “Honor Killed the Samurai” and put that cash in Ka’s pocket

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