Meyhem Lauren-NOISEY Raps “Conquering the World w/ a Beautiful Face”-Video

VICE sais:

Over the past few years rapper Meyhem Lauren has been making a name for himself in the underground hip-hop scene. And in the last year, he’s elevated his status with his first record on Fool’s Gold called Piatto D’Oro -free DL- We hung out with the Queens rapper in New York as he told us the plans for the rest of his year, which may or may not include spa treatments.

Madlib-Red Bull Music Academy Lecture NYC w/ Chairman Mao *Video

RBMA sais:

Since the early ‘90s, the reclusive Madlib has been producing music at a relentless pace. Whether he’s working with artists like Freddie Gibbs, MF Doom or Erykah Badu, collaborating with the late J Dilla, or working under one of his own aliases, like the drugged out party creature Quasimoto, Madlib has carved out his own idiosyncratic corner in the massive hip-hop universe.

Luckily, we were able to coax him out of his studio for a rare discussion at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York 2016 about Prince, the importance of doing taxes, the death of his Quasimoto alter-ego, collaborating with Kanye West and his love of industrial music

Mr. Green-Just One Record #55 w/ Effiscienz *Video

Stavgu sais:

L’équipe de Just One Record a eu l’occasion de rencontrer MR GREEN, producteur du New Jersey pour son premier concert en France, avec le légendaire R.A. The Rugged Man et une légende en devenir, le jeune A.F.R.O
Green nous parle de son album favori, issu là aussi d’un groupe de légende, GANG STARR, il nous parle aussi de ses nombreux projets à venir…
Merci à Loscar, Emmanuel Forlani & Free Your Funk, la Belleviloise et Carminelitta pour la traduction.

The Just One Record team met Mr Green, for his first show in Paris.
He was touring with R.A. The Rugged Man and a legend to come, A.F.R.O.
Green talk about his favorite record ever from the iconic group “Gang Starr” and about his projects to come.

DJ Jazzy Jay & DJ Tony Tone-Hip Hop History Lecture w/ DJ Rob Swift *Video

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Rob Swift sais:

You see them all over social media. They’re the social butterflies of the art of DJing. You know the type. The ones who stay posting pictures of themselves posing next to their pristine DJ set up yet never post videos using it. You know the type. The ones who’ll drop $2K on a DJM-S9 Pioneer and be “Battle Ready” but will never win a DJ battle in their lives. You know the type. The ones who brag about their extensive MP3 collection who’s homes are absent of even one piece of vinyl.

They’re all out there, promoting themselves on facebook in their never ending quest for “LIKES” and “VIEWS” on a daily.
If these social butterflies of the art of Djing would just take the time to humble themselves and watch my lecture with DJs Jazzy Jay and Tony Crush, 2 pillars of the craft they exploit on a daily basis, I have no doubt they’ll come to appreciate the true meaning of what it is to be a DJ.


James Prince & Bun B-SXSW ’16 Keynote Conversation “History Of Rap-A-Lot” *Video

SXSW sais:

James Prince, founder and CEO of prolific Houston-based label Rap-A-Lot Records is a pioneer in the hip-hop music industry. The label he founded in 1986 has produced more than two-dozen Gold and Platinum records from artists like the Geto Boys, Scarface, Do or Die, Big Mike, Bun B, Tela, Devin the Dude, Z-Ro and more. Mr. Prince will be interviewed by Bun B, who got his start as half of the iconic southern rap duo UGK alongside the late Pimp C.

J-Zone – Fish-n-Grits Promo-Video

Fish-n-Grits out 4/1/16

Onion Ring Pimp sais:

J-Zone details the making of his 6th solo LP (and 12th overall), Fish-n-Grits, from a musical standpoint. From producing, to brushing up on past instruments; to finding inspiration in unlikely sources like funk 45s and mom and pop drum shops; to demystifying the inner workings of a true independent hip-hop label, it’s a day in the life for J-Zone, self-proclaimed “jack of all trades, master of none.” When asked why he chose to give a candid look at his one-man operation rather than a traditional music video, Zone gave the tongue in cheek answer you might expect from him: “When I do hip-hop hand motions in the camera it doesn’t look convincing – and I don’t own enough outfits.”