Tracy Morgan-Interview w/ Today *Video

This is a different side of Tracy Morgan and that’s understandable . It’s been a year since the terrible accident that claimed the life of his close friend James McNair , almost claimed the life of comedian Ardie Fuqua , and of course Tracy as well . This one hurts .

Jam Master Jay vs. Grandmaster Flash-Scratch Battle *Video

Today on Jam Master Jay’s birthday , we celebrate a man that was taking from his family , and the Hip-Hop community far to soon. King Of the Crossfader. In the video below from 1999 on MTV’s Hip-Hop week we see Jay go against another iconic DJ , Grandmaster Flash , starting at 5:40 in. Watch the whole video for more knowledge .

The DJ Battle on day 2 of Hip Hop Week, March 9th, 1999. Featuring DJ Skribble, DJ Slynke, Grandmaster Flash, Jam Master Jay, DJ Infamous, DJ Rare Form from Boston, and some other hot DJ’s of that time!

Adrien Brody Plays His Beats , Souls Of Mischief Freestyle Over Them w/ Sway In the Morning *Video

The reason Souls was there was to promote their new LP “There Is Only Now” with Adrian Younge on production. Also catch Adrien Brody in the lead role of the new two part Harry Houdini biopic entitled “Houdini” airing Sept. 1st and 2nd on History.

Sway sais:

Rap group, Souls of Mischief stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss their new album with Adrian Younge, There Is Only Now. First, the members shared what they thought was their biggest career mistake in the music industry. They also broke down their lyrics and explained how a witnessing a shooting inspired this new record. The producer of the album, Adrian Younge spoke about his experience working with Souls of Mischief. Make sure to purchase There Is Only Now on iTunes now!